2016 Preseason Poll

The draft is over and teams are filled. Now it’s time to see how everyone looks. Post your top 16 rankings here. All rankings will be tallied for the official Preseason Poll. Everyone that participates will receive $100FA

10 Responses to 2016 Preseason Poll

  • eaton1212 says:

    1. Miller Thillers
    2. Vicious
    3. Gator Domination
    4. Ice Vipers
    5. Inglorious Asssassins
    6. Crain Bangers
    7. Bama Beatdown
    8. Shaved Wood
    9. Gronky Kong
    10. Blue Ballers
    11. No Romo
    12. Birmingham Matty Ice
    13. Varsity Blues
    14. Cole Boys
    15. Miami Magic
    16. Bama Bucks

  • Ty Roberts says:

    1. Vicious
    2. Thrillers
    3. Assassins
    4. Domination
    5. Beat down
    6. wood
    7. ICe Vipers
    8. Bangers
    9. Romo
    10. Gronky
    11. Ice baby
    12. Cole boys
    13. Bama Bucs
    14. Blue ballers
    15. Miami magic
    16. Varsity Blues

  • MAGIC says:

    1. Inglorious Assassins 2. Miller Thillers 3. Gator Domination 4. Vicious 5. Crain Bangers 6. Miami Magic 7. Ice Vipers 8. Shaved Wood 9. Gronky Kong 10. Mama Beatdown 11. No Romo 12. Birmingham Matty Ice 13. Varsity Blues 14. Cole Boys 15.Blue Ballers 16. Bama Bucks

  • spierson0311 says:

    1. Miller Thriller
    2. Domination
    3. Wood
    4. Vicious
    5. Assassins
    6. Bangers
    7. Beatdown
    8. Vipers
    9. Cole Boyss
    10. Varsiy Blues
    11. Magic
    12. Ballers
    13. Bucs
    14. Ice Baby
    15. No Romo
    16. Gronky

  • Keith says:


    • Keith says:

      1. Vicious
      2. Miller – overall strong at all positions, if Steve Smith performs this team will be tough to beat. As the number 1 butt raper/trader I expect this team to improve even more.
      3. Gator – Strong WR, TE but weak at RB but as one of the leagues best butt rapers, I mean trader/managers I expect this team to be in the finals
      4. Inglorious Assasins – Potential weak at WR, Dak? but this team has a strong bench and if he would trade he could make a run.
      5. Vipers – had a good draft. needs to upgrade the flex 2 spot
      6. Bucs – If, big IF, Jordy and RGIII perform his team will be strong. If he would participate in the league I think he could end up higher.
      7. Wood – questionable bench, overall strong especially if Osweiler performs.

  • Keith says:

    8. Blue Ballerz – decent but terrible bench
    9. Bangers – have to believe in Taylor, Really strong at RB and a very good bench. As one of the leagues top managers I expect this team to be in the final four regardless of this preseason rank.
    10. Gronky Kong – Several strong players but many with potential health concerns
    11. No Romo – some strong players, WR potential but they have low floors
    12. Cole Boys – some decent trade bait but overall just average
    13. Varsity Blue – Couple of tradable players to use that could increase the overall strength of his team
    14. Matty Ice- Not good 🙂
    15. Miami Magic – has a lot of average players. floor is last and best is middle of the pack.
    16. Bama Beatdown – I actually think his team is good but this is because he put me last place last year. 🙂

  • Chad Miller says:

    1. Vicious
    2. Domination
    3. Miller Thrillers
    4. Assassins
    5. Shaved Wood
    6. Ice Vipers
    7. Weakdown
    8. Bangers
    9. Romo
    10. Gronky
    11. Ice baby
    12. Cole boys
    13. Bama Bucs
    14. Blue ballers
    15. Miami magic
    16. Varsity Blues

  • corie c lo harris says:

    4.shaved wood
    8.ice vipers (gay as name)
    14.bama bucs

  • Adam says:

    1. Ice Vipers – this is not a joke.. Vipers drew a very favorable schedule and has high floor talent.
    2. Miller Thillers – actually my highest rated team, but has a tougher schedule than Vipers. With Brees on a bye against Domination and several starters on Bye against the improved Bama Bucs.
    3. Domination – always in contention. Questionable RB’s. Alex Smith could make/break strength. Will go 6-0 in division but has a tough remaining schedule. Will trade their way into the top 2.
    4. Assassin – balanced quality across the board. strong depth, but plays in tough division.
    5. Wood – Will have to ride out a couple of star players. tough division, easier non-division schedule
    6. Vicious – A little more firepower than Shaved Wood, a little less than Assassins but very tough schedule. Only faces two teams not ranking in my top 10
    7. Beatdown – A lot of potential, but questionable consistancy. Could greatly improve if they trade Leveon Bell for consistent depth.
    8. Gronky Kong – Strong team with vast injury concerns
    9. Bangers – cant say too much about my team. decent depth with hit/miss talent.
    10. Cole Boys – Middle of pack qb’s, questionable depth
    11. Bama Bucs – A lot of talented players, dark horse for a wild card spot if management participates
    12. Ballerz – No depth with Brady suspended. projected single digits in the OP until Brady is back, but could be too late.
    13. Matty Ice Ice – Decent depth and easy schedule, could jump into top 8. tough division.
    14. Miami Magic – bottom end QB’s with tough division
    15. Varsity Blues – Baby due next month, start trading for next season
    16. No Romo – South Champs in 2015, dead last in 2016, what happened.

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