2016 Preseason Rules Topics

The BFFL League office opened for business on July 1st. That does not open up all functionality, but does give teams the ability to start interacting and preparing. One of those preparations is discussing and voting on rules and league moves.


#1. The two lost teams, Predators and MonkeyStache have been replaced. The two new team owners are Corey Livingston and Justin Langdale, These two team owners will be briefed on the league and will take part in the first year expansion draft, in which they will have 6 rounds of drafting players from the free agent pool that have at least one year of NFL experience, meaning no rookies.

#2. OP position. It has been discussed in previous meetings to change the OP position to a FLEX position to do away with the 2nd QB controversy.

#3. IDP. It has been discussed to remove certain players from the IDP position, like DL and DB and keep LB and DP.

#4 3rd QB Rule. In 2015, a rule was introduced to allow a 3rd QB on the roster, with special rules. After a year in practice, how do we feel about continuing that rule.

#5 Frachise Status. The franchise status of team keepers of 2/4 has been re-approved the last 2 seasons. It is once again topic for discussion

#6 PPR. Discussions have been made to increase our PPR from .5 points to 1 point PPR. The .5PPR was introduced several year back to increase the ratings of WR during a time when the NFL was heavy on running game. Time to look at the topic again.

Anything else that you want to put up for discussion needs to be commented here. Please place a number beside the topic for reference and keep the number in numerical order. Also, comment to discuss or plead your view on each of these topics. The better you explain your feelings, the more likely you are to get others to vote in your favor.

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