2017, Week 3 Power Ranking


Coming off of the 2nd week of the season, balanced a few things out for the BFFL. Injuries, waiver-wire pick ups, and trades have changed the landscape of the league. Added to the equation is a few players that have accelerated their stock and the fact that Tampa Bay and Miami did not get to play in week one.

The top ranked team is Vicious, whom were also ranked number 1 after week one. Bama Beatdown were the preseason top team, but the loss of David Johnson bumped the projections down trememdously. Vicious not only have the most points score through the first two weeks, they also have the top ROS Roster (rest of season). Don’t let the 1-1 record fool you, They would have beat 21 out of the other possible 30 matchups. Vicious has the highest chance of a playoff birth at 67%.

Coming in at number 2 is Miller Thrillers. A perennial contender, Thrillers continue to make moves to justify their relevance. Thrillers made a huge jump this week in ROS Roster with the addition of top 20 player Demarius Thomas. Averaging 143 ppg gives Thrillers a strong team to work with. The move increased Thiller playoff birth odds from 54% to 62%.

Number 3, Beatdown are still holding their on with key losses.

Number 4 and 5, No Romo and Varsity Blues, have a bit of a surprise start at 2-0. Not seen as strong roster to start the season, they both managed to pull of wins to take control of their division. Varsity Blues actually finished of the first two weeks with the best record against the field, going 22-8.

The rest of the top 10 are pretty straightforward. Houston Havoc at number 6 are tied with the 2nd highest odds of playoffs at 62%. Broke Shoulders, who have started the year off 2-0, falls in at number 9 in power rankings largely due to a poor ROS roster and the fact that they share a division with Miller Thrillers and Bama Beatdown. Don’t let the 2-0 start fool you, Shoulders could be in for a rough season.

Outside the top 10, there are 3 teams that could put up a hard fight. Number 11 Ice Vipers and their 1-1 record have the #5 ROS but are currently only averaging 92 ppg and just lost top TE Olsen. Vipers also were only 3-27 against the field over the first 2 weeks. Gronky Kong and and Assassins at 0-2, could still be a potential contender. Gronky is averaging a whopping 138 ppg, but have the #12 ROS and played 22-8 against the field, the best outside the top 5. Assassins at 0-2 have the #7 ROS. Although the East is always up for grabs, the improvement of Vicious and front runner Varsity Blues are gonna make it tough.