2017, Week 4 Power Rankings



Not a lot of big movers at the top, Vicious and Thrillers maintain their top 2 spots, but build strength over the week. Vicious jumped 10 points in his PPG, and shaved .50 of their Power Rank Score. Vicious also increased their playoff odds from 67% to 73%. Thrillers trade acquisitions of adding Demarius Thomas and Crowell jumped Thriller ROS from 3rd to 2nd. Thrillers are 32-13 against the field, which is 3rd stongest in the league.

Houston Havoc, who have started 3-0, jump 3 spots to number 3 and increased PO Odds from 62% to 84%, but only gain 1 spot, from 14th to 13th in ROS Roster, could make for a rough October.

Broke Shoulders, the other undefeated, jumps from #9 to #4 and still only have a 51% chance of making the playoffs. Although that is up from 30% last week. It is not a done deal from Shoulders, they are ranked second worst in ROS Roster.

Bama Beatdown was the big loser this week, dropping from #3 to #8, decreasing playoff odds from 61% to 32%. Although they still have the #4 ROS Roster, a favorable non-divisional schedule could help get Beatdown back on track for a wild card bid. Opponents over the next 5 weeks have a combined 6-9 record.

Miami Magic is still nearly last in every statistical category. They are almost certain to not even make the Consolation Bracket. Although they are ranked #15 in PPG, their last place ROS Roster, puts them at a 1% chance to make the playoffs, down from 2% prior to week 4.