2017, Week 5 Power Rankings



Week 4 was an exciting week and left us with a bit of a shake up among the top 5. There were 2 undefeated teams going into week 4, both lost, leaving us with 6, 3-1 teams..

Vicious had controlled the top ranking for the prior 3 weeks, but another lose this week, dropped them down to the #4 spot. Sitting at 2-2, they are still a favorite to win the BFFL East and potential get a first round bye. Vicious are still ranked #1 in PPG and ROS Roster, plus the East are proving to be a bit weaker than early season rankings had projected.

The new number 1 in the Power Rankings are Crain Bangers. Bangers started the season as the #4 preaseason team, but after the week 1 loss to Ice Vipers, Bangers dropped all the way down the #12 spot. Now on a 3 game winning streak, Bangers jumped from the #6 position last week to the top spot for week 5. Bangers increased their playoff odds to 83% and jumped to 5th in PPG. Bangers retain the #2 ROS roster, but compete in the always tough BFFL South, so there is sure to be more moving around to come.

Finishing out the top 5. Havoc jumped one spot from #3 to #2 after their victory and Miller Thrillers loss. No Romo jump up from #7 to #3. Bama Beatdown get back into the top 5 after starting the season 1-2. Beatdown started the season as the number 1 team in the BFFL, but after the injury to David Johnson, Beatdown took a 2 game loss and dropped down as low as #8 in week 4. Back to .500, Beatdown are ranked #3 in PPG and ROS Roster, so they are not out of playoff contention yet. Broke Shoulders still lead the BFFL North by 1 game, but week 4 loss is the beginning of the end for Shoulders reign of the division. Look for a few more losses by Shoulders and for Thrillers and Beatdown to take the division back over.

Other division races:

The BFFL West is a tie at 1st with Havoc and Cole Boys and Domination just a game back. Havoc has been the strongest team with their #2 PPG rankings, but they rely heavily on strong QB play. Do not count out Domination to sneak back into the top spot. Domination own the #4 ROS Roster and are a win or 2 away from being in the top 5 Power Rankings.

BFFL South is a 3-way tie between Bangers, Vipers and No Romo. Each team owns a loss to each other. Bangers and Romo are both ranked in the top 3 Power Rankings, while Vipers are sitting at #10. Vipers made a few moves this week to increase consitancy, but are still ranked #12 in ROS Roster.

BFFL East is also a 3-team race. Vicious, Varsity Blues and Killswitch all lost in week 4 and are tied at the top spot at 2-2. Vicious is the early favorite to win the division, but the loss of Dalvin Cook will knock off a few points per game, which could be the difference in the division.