2018 League Changes

The BFFL is currently in its 11th year. It has been an exciting and entertaining 11 years, but there is much more to come in the future. The BFFL has evolved into a great fantasy football league with unique characteristics, fierce rivalries, and extensive history. 2018 will continue that trend and help elevate the BFFL to premiere status…

1. Transition to a true Dynasty League.. The vision of the BFFL was always to be a dynasty league with rich history. The idea is to carry a team, decisions, history, and transactions for a realistic period of time. No starting over every year, but to build a team through years of transactions and strategy. In 2018, keepers will go to 4/7. Each team will be required to carry at minimum 4 keepers from the previous year with a maximum of 7 keepers. This will allow teams to strategically plan for future power and sustain success.

2. Higher Stakes.. The BFFL’s current fee is $50 per person. That isn’t cheap, but can be petty enough to not fully participate. in 2018, the entry fee will increase to $80 per team, with plans to increase more in the future.

3. Deeper Roster.. The current bench is 11 players with one IR slot, in 2018 we will extend each teams bench to 15 players with 2 IR slots. Moving towards a dynasty format, teams need the ability to draft or acquire players for the future. To do so, the teams need a deeper bench to stash players for the future while maintaining space for current substitute players.

These 3 changes will make the BFFL a more competitive and exciting league. With so many options and strategies to build a franchise, every team has a chance to win the BFFL Championship within a few years time. We hope to continue to build the BFFL and make it the most competitive league around.

One Response to 2018 League Changes

  • corie c lo harris says:

    $80? Man I barely could pay the $50. No vote just $80 and that’s it? And I think 4/7 is a pit much. What about 3/5 keepers? But it’s ur decision when it’s said and done. Just my opinion

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