2019 Week 12 Playoff Picture

We are in the final week of the 2019 regular season. Two divisions are locked up, but we still have several fighting for the other 4 playoff spots. Here is the breakdown:

Eliminated: When is the last time Chad and Ty were not in the playoffs….
Gator Domination
Miller Thrillers
Cole Boys
Varsity Blues

Vicious – BFFL North Champions
Crain Bangers – BFFL South Champions
Bama Beatdown – Either: BFFL East Champions or Wild Card Birth

Control their own destiny:
Houston Havoc – Win and clinch the BFFL East
Morris Maulers – Win and clinch top Wild Card spot

All the other scenarios:

  • Eaton’s Idiots (<5% chance): must win against Crain Bangers and needs win by Beatdown and a loss by No Romo and Hold Me Back and a few more miracles.
  • No Romo (41% chance): Must win and needs Beatdown to win or loss by Hold Me Back
  • Hold Me Back (73% chance): Must Win and a win by Beatdown or a loss by Maulers or No Romo (worst division record of the 6-5 teams for tiebreaker)
  • Houston Havoc (86% chance): Win and clinch BFFL East; Lose and needs No Romo to lose
  • Morris Maulers (>95%): Win and in; Lose and needs a Beatdown win or No Romo loss.
  • Bama Beatdown (>99% chance): Win and clinch East Division; Lose and get pissed and drops team or kicked out of league.