BFFL Fantasy Scorebook Pick’ems..

To have a little fun around the league, we are gonna try a little Vegas style $FA gambling within our league… Why not…

Rules: You can pick up to 3 games and gamble as low as $5FA and up to $50FA on the line set on Thursday. Win and you gain the amount you bet, lose and you lose the amount you bet, push and no money is added or subtracted.. You can NOT bet on your own team…

Lines for this week…

Bangers (-11) at Beatdown
No Romo (-5) at Maulers
Gator Domination (-39.5) at Varsity Blues
Cole Boys at Hold Me Back (-25.5)
Vicious (11) at Havoc
Thrillers at GOAT (-15.5)

To Play: respond to this post before 7p on Thursday night.
Respond with something like:
No Romo -5
Cole Boys +25.5
Thrillers +15.5

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