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    There are a few points that I want to go ahead and start discussing:

    Division Realignment: This is the year it will finally happen. We have discussed it over the last couple seasons and have tabled it every year. But I think we need to balance out the divisions a little. I propose that we rank each team by their combined winning percentage over the last 3 years, then sort them accordingly. similar to tournament style seeding.

    Keepers: It is already in the books that every team must keep 2 keepers and are allowed up to 4 keepers. With that being said, we can look to how this affects our league and what moves we can make moving forward.

    Trade fee: ESPN allows a part of the system that allows for a fee to be accessed to each trade. I think this would be a great way to build more funds towards our championship purse. I’d say something cheap like $3 per trade. It is manageable and is also another negotiating term in each trade. The $3 could be split between each team involved or if one team really wants the trade to go through, they can agree to pay the entire fee. I’d say there be no fee during preseason trading, but only on all trades following the draft.There were 57 total trades in 2014. If every trade required $3, then the league would have built an additional $171 towards the championship. Then we could split it somehow among the teams.

    Multiple Keeper Deadlines: I propose that we create multiple keeper deadlines. Something like: roster must be down to 8 players by june 1st, then 6 players on July 1, 5 players on July 15, then final keepers 24hr before the draft.

    In-Draft Trading: I really want to come up with a way to allow trades during the draft. Maybe only during the first 5 or 6 rounds or so, but to allow teams better opportunity to go after players they need for their team strategy.

    New Team Roster: We can go in a few directions here. Keep it like we do now and new teams start fresh, or we could allow them to keep the roster of the team they are replacing or.. Lets let the new teams hold a 2 round pre-draft of the available free agents after the July 15th, 5-player keeper deadline. This would not include 2015 NFL rookies. This would make sure that all teams have the minimum of 2 players prior to the draft. This would better balance the class of players available during the draft by having all teams meet the minimum keepers prior to the draft. So when the draft started, technically we would start in the 3rd round and all teams would be able to participate in the first round of selections if they only kept the league minimum of keepers.

    I am sure that we will have more coming, this is just something to start us out with.

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    Powder Puff League: There needs to be a change in draft order for the winner of the none playoff bracket. If we have new teams join the league then the winner from the lower bracket should pick after them. In all fairness since this is a keeper league then the new teams joining should get to pick first and not just in the keeper rounds. This change would provide for better competition and fairness within the league.

    Thoughts on this rule review.

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