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    Everyone is now entitled to earn free agent money by spending money with our sponsors. Rules will be a little different this year to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to earn free agent money.

    Starting today, 9-23-14, at 0800, any money spent with our sponsors will be matched with free agent money. With certain restraints:

    1. All money spent must have proof that you spent the money with that sponsor. Picture of yourself, at the establishment, holding the receipt, must be submitted to receive the money. receipt must verify date and time of the purchase. Receipt must be legible in the picture. Failure to meet this criteria may result in your submission being voided.

    2. All money spent at the sponsor can only be redeemed for free agent money during the seasonal week that it was spent. No hoarding receipts and submitting them weeks after.

    3. Free agent money earned holds a weekly limit of $100FA and seasonal limit of $500 per team. With a seasonal limit of $250 spent per sponsor.



    Shaved Wood earned $40 with purchases made at Buffalo Wild Wings of Trussville

    Ice Vipers earned $120 with purchases made with Vicious Fishing

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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