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    ****Breaking News****
    Official statement from Ice Vipers
    This will be my 10th & final season in the BFFL. As Commissioner Crain stated the league is transitioning to a true dynasty league, adding roster spots & making an already difficult, time consuming league even more difficult. To be involved in a league such as this takes commitment, if you truly want to do well. In saying that I am at a point where I do not have the time anymore. I work 70 plus hours a week. I don’t want to spend the only day I get to see my family looking at my phone checking scores anymore. If that wasn’t enough none of you sorry fuckers will trade me a TE and Adam Crain thinks he’s selling memberships to the Gold Club now.
    In all seriousness, I’ve enjoyed being part of this league and will miss giving you all hell. Oh, Crain go fix your post. This is the 12th season on the BFFL you damn moron. 10 years of college and you still can’t fucking count. Unless your omitting that year you bitched out and let Dino be commissioner.

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