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    Ty Roberts

    1.Domination over Northside by 25
    2.Thrillers over Monkey by 55
    3.Wood over Ballerz by 17
    4. Crusaders over Bucs by 3, neither team scores over 100pts.
    5. Magic over Assisns by 1, will be very close
    6. vicious over Blues by 8
    7. Beatdown over Predators by 80.
    8. Bangers over Ice (Banger’s double A team) Bangers made a good move to call up some key players from his minor league affiliate.


    JB Graham

    Hate to say it Domination
    Varsity blues


    corie c lo harris

    1.Bucs by 5
    2.assassin by 10, they the WR core is stronger
    3.bangers by 60, to easy
    4.thrillers by 40, stronger QB play
    5.gator by 20,gator stop stealing BEATDOWN weekly predictions #douche
    6.varsity in a pickem game, should be close game
    7.wood by 15, I need wood to win to keep a 3 way tie if I win this week.
    8. BEATDOWN by 25, Julio had a monster thursdaynight game which made my pick easier



    1. Bucs by a couple
    2. Thrillers by a bunch
    3. Wood by 6, if cutler/marshall connection continues.
    4. Bangers by 14
    5. Domination by easy 20
    6. Blues by 6
    7. Beatdown by 19
    8. Magic by 3. Can’t believe I picked magic to win.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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