Gator Domination Week 12 Tanking

The BFFL office, along with a 3rd-party independent council, has completed the investigation pertaining to Gator Domination’s roster moves upon their week 12 divisional match-up against Hold Me Back.

It was called to the league office that Gator Domination purposely and intentionally tanked the game by removing key components of their team prior to the match up. Domination went into the match up with a 2-9 record, tied for last place in the league. Their opponent, Hold Me Back, had a 6-5 record and was still in the hunt for a playoff spot. Domination’s actions to remove all QB’s from the starting roster and bench weekly starters created an intentional shortcoming for the match up. While starting typical non-starters could be argued as a strategy to win by playing particular match ups, the fact that the QB position was vacated completely created an issue that began the investigation. Gator Domination’s intentional tanking of the game, then created a ripple effect across the entire playoff bids that pushed Hold Me Back into the playoffs and another potential competitor out of the playoffs, then creating an financial withholding for that team. The fact that these actions manipulated real-money chances called for true interests from the league. Hundreds of dollars are at stake for the BFFL Purse and the fact that Domination’s actions denied one teams chances of that and boosted another teams chances called for serious inquiry.

During the investigation, Hold Me Back’s ownership stated that they did not, in any way, attempt to gain a competitive advantage by partnering with Gator Domination to tank the match up. There is not evidence to report otherwise. Hold Me Back is clear of any wrongdoing from this incident.

Many attempts to reach Gator Domination’s management were unsuccessful and the only feedback from the team was an official statement, that did not provide any evidence against the allegations.

The 3rd party independent council reviewed the information and the effects from the actions to suggest a formidable conclusion. They returned that conclusion to the BFFL Commissioner to review and to determine proper actions to take. Results of the council review found that Gator Domination did in fact intentionally attempt to manipulate their week 12 match up. Now whether or not their intentions were to effect the playoffs can not be determined, but none the less, their actions did indeed create a direct result in playoff manipulation and skewed the integrity of the playoff structure, so it should be looked at as the same.

The last time an incident like this took place, in 2009, that team, Dragon Nite, was handed a 12 game suspension. But even then, Dragon Nite’s actions did not create a direct effect on the playoffs. Since it happened in week 1. Dragon Nite’s took their suspension for the season and came back the following year. So the precedent has been set.

The Council agreed that the actions were wrong and deliberate and resulted in cheating. They also gave a suggested punishment. While I respect the councils recommendation, their punishment included, but not limited to, loss of 2020 draft picks. I do not feel that their needs to be actions beyond the season in which the incident took place.

The results of the incident have been deemed as cheating and attempts to manipulate the league integrity. For those actions, Gator Domination will receive the following:

  • a no-contest for week 12, thus resulting in an 11th place final result.
  • suspension from managing the 2019 consolation bracket. Roster will be set based on the week 12 lineup and will be placed on auto-pilot for the remainder of the consolation bracket for the fairness of their opponents.

Gator Domination’s management have rights to appeal these findings, in writing, in reply to the post, but 10:00am CST of 11/27/19. Lack of appeal will seal these finding and ruling as acceptance and will conclude the investigation.


Commissioner Crain

2 Responses to Gator Domination Week 12 Tanking

  • Ty says:

    I appeal complete bull shit. I also lost on purpose a few years ago so that my playoff seeding would be more beneficial for me. That didn’t work out for me but nothing was said then. It was a strategy to ensure that I get the highest draft pick possible and in our rules and by laws for this league does not state that I have play a complete roster any given week. Teams have not set rosters before and Has always effected playoff standings it’s part of it. My strategy shouldn’t be punished because I’m looking out for the only team I give a shit about. Gatordomination out

  • Adam says:

    The BFFL Office has reviewed the appeal by Gator Domination. After careful review, based on the facts of the case, past rulings, and potential future fallout from the incident, the BFFL Office has decided to maintain its previous determination of ruling week-12 a No Contest and will uphold the suspension ruling. Although suspension will be reduced from season-ending to 1 week. During the 1 week suspension, starting at the conclusion of week 12 MNF game, Domination is not allowed to participate in any management decisions or actions until the conclusion of week 13 MNF game. This is the final ruling.

    Although teams are allowed to set their roster based on the strategy that aligns their team for current and future success, intentionally vacating a roster position to attempt to tank a game does not fall under that strategy. Nowhere in competition, at any level, nor in any sport, is a team allowed to start a game without a full lineup. Exception to this rule can be made in fantasy football based on roster make up and bye week schedule of all other options at the position. The case of BFFL vs Gator Domination sets the precedent moving forward.