The Birmingham Fantasy Football League was founded in 2006 by Adam Crain to create a private fantasy football league to compete against friends. The league was initially named Miles Technology League due to the 4 of the 6 original members were part of the Miles College Information Technology Department. The six original teams in 2006 were: Crain’s Crew (later changed to Crain Bangers), Dragon Nites, Whatcha Got, Eatons Idiots, The Untouchables (later changed to Alabama Outkast), and Blitz (later changed to War Machine) whom left after the first year and returned in 2011.

The inaugural season of 2006 featured Dragon Nites defeating Blitz(War Machine), 149-132, for the league Championship.

The Following year, 2007, the league expanded to 8 teams and changed the league name to Birmingham Fantasy Football League to better represent the league since it was no longer mostly members of the Technology Department, but had expanded to anyone with personal ties to one of the other owners.  The BFFL Championship Game was won by GatorBoys 161-109 over BA Bulldogs. Gator Boys would later change franchise name to Gator Domination

The first two years, the BFFL, was hosted by Yahoo Fantasy Sports. In 2008, the entire league moved to ESPN fantasy sports for added options and expansion. The BFFL also added 3 expansion teams to make 11 teams and grouped them into 3 divisions. With the new divisional format and the fact that the BFFL had grown to 11 teams, 2008 marked the first year that all teams were not eligible for the championship playoffs. The playoffs consisted of 4 teams, the 3 divisional winners and 1 wild-card spot.  2008 is also the first year of the live draft. #3 seed Crain Bangers won the 2008 Championship beating top seeded Renegade Crusaders, 129-116.

In 2009, only 1 team was added to give a total of 12 teams so that the divisions were divided with the same number of teams. The playoff bracket remained the same and only 4 of the 12 teams made the postseason. A competition committee was created to create a Checks and Balances system throughout the league. The commissioner added a VP to both oversee trades and give added protection from any unfair advantage. This helped to justify any action made by the Commissioner that it would be made in a fair manner. Darius Hearns, original owner in the league, was named VP due to his lengthly participation as well as general knowledge of the leagues’ opperation and beliefs.

In 2009 Crain Bangers would return to be back-to-back champions, beating Gator Domination 234-130.

In 2010, the BFFL added one team to expand to 13 teams. The 2009 model seemed to work with success so the league used that model for 2010. Shaved Wood won the BFFL Championship in 2010 beating inaugural team Bama Bucs 122-98.

By 2011, the BFFL had grown to a bit of success between the team owners and competition seemed to be vigorus yet fair across the board. The league had began to attact more potential team owners. The BFFL decided to expand to 16 teams. The expansion of 2011 added another division and realigned teams to each division. Due to the added 4 teams, the playoff structure expanded to 6 teams to allow better oppertunity for teams to compete for a championship. The new playoff model consisted of the 4 division winners and 2 wild-card teams. Top two teams had a 1st round bye, while the other two division winners played the two wild-card participates. Due to the leagues growth, the Competition Committee added 2 more members to help with overseeing and balancing league operation. Ty Roberts and Sheldon Pierson ware named VP’s and joined the Competition Committee. This action incorporated a representitive from each division into the Competition Committee so that all decisions were determined in a fair and equal manner.

The expansion of 2011 gave newcomer Plano Wildcats their first championship in their first season. Plano Wildcats beat Bama Bucs 130-116. Bama Bucs also proved to be a team on the edge of becoming a dynasty, Bucs had been in the BFFL championship game both of their first two seasons.

2012 really turned the heat up in the BFFL. 2012 turned the BFFL into a fantasy football super league. The BFFL began to look past just competing in fantasy football, but to use its presence to bring more incentives to its participate. The launch of the bhamffl.com website was a medium for that. Bhamffl.com was built to give the team owners of the BFFL a place to go to see the history of the BFFL, career team stats, information about the league and its teams, as well as a links to all of the notable fantasy forums, news, and tools. With the introduction of the website and the use of the attention that the website brought, the BFFL was able to barter website advertising in exchange for prize packs and incentives for the team owners of the BFFL. This led to multiple relationships around the fantasy football world. In 2012, a couple teams left and a couple came in, as always. The 2011 BFFL Champion departed as well as long time participate, Bubbies Cubbies. In came, Thunderstruck and Pittsburgh Predators. Both who completely embraced the stature of the BFFL and competed very well. Predators led the BFFL with a 10-2 record, but BFFL South runner-up and playoff wild card team, Multiple Scoregasam won the BFFL Championship game over Gator Domination in the first ever playoff tie. Scoregasam won the controversial tiebreaker, with total bench points, to win the 2012 BFFL Championship


2013 BFFL Championship Game

The 2013 BFFL Championship Game introduced the Miller Thrillers and the Bama Beatdown to their first BFFL Championship Game appearance.

Thrillers came into the finally with the number 1 seed and a record of 11-1, which was tied for the best record in the BFFL Gator Domination. Thrillers posted a 6-0 division record and won the BFFL South with a 5 game lead. Thrillers had compiled 2,268 points over the duration of the regular season, nearly 300 points more than any other team.

Bama Beatdown was a longshot underdog to reach the BFFL Championship Game. Beatdown entered the matchup as the #6 seed. Beatdown posted a 7-5 record to secure the second wild card spot. Beatdown’s 1,685 points cumulated over the regular season, placed 5th in total scoring.

The Championship Game was highly anticipated by both teams, as well as the rest of the BFFL. Most of the league wanted to see if anyone could actually defeat Thrillers, who scored more than 200 points in 6 of their previous 13 games, a feat that Beatdown had only done once in the season. The game went about as suspected. Thrillers pulled off another 200+ scoring game to defeat the Bama Beatdown, 208-159. The difference maker in the game was the RB and IDP matchups. QB’s, TE’s and WR’s faired evenly. Thillers’ Jamal Charles 57 point performance, added to the 39 points from Thrillers’ IDP’s, was too much for Beatdown to overcome.

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