The Birmingham Fantasy Football League is a 16 team fantasy football league hosted on ESPN. It is a private, keeper league based in the Greater Birmingham area of Alabama. Each team is allowed to keep 3 players from the previous year.

Entry Fee: A $50 entry fee will be collected from each owner 10 days prior to the Draft. 100% of the entry fee proceeds will go to the Championship Award. The Championship payout will be award to the Champion, runner-up and 4 division winners. Entry fee’s make up $800 capital for Championship purse. Championship purse payout is distributed as: $50 to each Division Title Winner, $100 to BFFL Championship Runner-Up, and $500 to BFFL Champion. There are 2 ways to pay the entry fee: Give cash to the Commissioner, or pay via online payment on this website. For online payment, you can pay by credit card or PayPal account. Simply click on the “donate” button on the left sidebar, update amount to $50, enter information and submit.

Season: The BFFL plays a 12 week season starting in Week 1 of the NFL regular season. Then plays a 3-week, 6-team playoff in weeks 13-15 of the NFL season.

Schedule: The league is composed of 4 divisions with 4 teams in each division. Each team plays the other teams in the division twice (Home and Away). The divisional schedule takes place the first 3 weeks and last three weeks of the regular season to attempt to avoid NFL bye weeks. The remainder of the schedule consist of 6 randomly chosen games with teams outside their division (3 home, 3 away) There are a couple of out-of-division rivalries that do play yearly. Home team receives 2 points each regular season game as a home-field advantage and 5 points during each playoff game.

Playoffs: Playoffs consist of the 4 division winners plus to wild-card teams. The wild-card teams are the remaining two teams with best record. The overall record is first determining factor with tie-breaker going to: division record, then head-to-head, then total points for, then total points against.

Draft: The BFFL draft is a live draft via the internet powered by espn.com. Draft order is based on the previous years finishing order, with worst team picking first and champion team picking last. Due to the BFFL being a keeper league, expansion teams, if there are any for that year, will jump to the first pick(s) of the draft. Draft order for new teams will be set in the order the expansion team entered the league.  There first 3 rounds of the draft are reserved for keeper picks and teams that elect to keep a player from the previous year will forfeit a draft pick for that keeper player. For example, if a team keeps 2 players, they will forfeit their first and second round pick, and so forth. After the 3rd round, draft order will go into “snake” order. Meaning the last pick of the round will pick first of the next round and reverse order. Teams may also trade players before the draft in exchange for other players or draft picks. This includes expansion teams receiving players in exchange for picks. The picks for the first 3 rounds are not eligible for trades. Keepers must be selected before the draft begins. A timeframe will be assigned of keeper selection at the time of selection on draft. All team names, logo, and affiliation material is to be submitted to the league office 72 hours prior to the Draft.

Roster: Each team is composed of a 23 player roster, plus one additional spot if a player goes onto Injured Reserve. Starters are composed of 13 players, then an additional 10 players on the bench, not including IR.

Trades: The trading period is from the date that the league opens for business (usually mid to late July) through the week following week 8. If a trade is made, players can not be sent back to former team for a period of 6 games following initial trade. The trade deadline will be posted before each season begins. The deadline will be at 11:00pm CST on the Wednesday prior to the week 9 games. Preseason trades may include draft picks for the current year’s draft. Teams may also trade draft picks for the next season on the final week of the trading period. Future Draft Pick trading period begins on the first day of Week 9, Tuesday, at 0800 and will run through the trade deadline. Each team is allowed to trade away one pick in exchange for players and picks. Any one team, may not gain more than 2 future picks during the regular season. (Note: Due to the special circumstances of trading future draft picks,trades involving future picks for players will be not be allowed to be traded back to former team before the next seasons draft, except under special circumstances.) 

Free-Agents: All of the players not drafted or keepers on a team go into the Free Agent Waiver Wire pool. To pick up a player from the Waivers, teams must bid on the player. Each team starts the seaon with $1000 in their team account. This money is used for the process of bidding on free-agent players. There are several competitive chances to earn additional fantasy money. Teams will be awarded free-agent money, dollar-for-dollar, for any money spent with Official BFFL sponsors. Sponsor spending is limited to total of $150 per week with $100 from a single sponsor, with a sponsor maximum of $250 spent on each sponsor per season. Teams must also adjust their roster to make room for any player they are trying to pick up. Each Wednesday and Friday at 11:00am est, players will be sent to the team’s roster that bid the highest. If two teams bid the same amount,  the player will go the the team with the lowest waiver position. To determine team waiver order, each week teams are ordered on how they finished the previous week. Highest scoring team gets last waiver order and lowest scoring team gets first waiver order, ect.. No free agents are allowed to be claimed after the Sunday of Championship week. Free agent dead period runs from championship week until the day following the following season draft.

New Teams: Some seasons the BFFL loses a team or two for various reasons. To allow and accept the best candidates to replace outgoing teams, the BFFL keeps a rolling waiting list. Due to the BFFL’s 16 team max, the typical waiting period last around two seasons, but can vary due to number of teams not returning to the BFFL. If you would like to add your name to the BFFL waiting list, fill out the Contact Us form with your information and a representative from the league will contact you with information.