Gator Domination Week 12 Tanking

The BFFL office, along with a 3rd-party independent council, has completed the investigation pertaining to Gator Domination’s roster moves upon their week 12 divisional match-up against Hold Me Back.

It was called to the league office that Gator Domination purposely and intentionally tanked the game by removing key components of their team prior to the match up. Domination went into the match up with a 2-9 record, tied for last place in the league. Their opponent, Hold Me Back, had a 6-5 record and was still in the hunt for a playoff spot. Domination’s actions to remove all QB’s from the starting roster and bench weekly starters created an intentional shortcoming for the match up. While starting typical non-starters could be argued as a strategy to win by playing particular match ups, the fact that the QB position was vacated completely created an issue that began the investigation. Gator Domination’s intentional tanking of the game, then created a ripple effect across the entire playoff bids that pushed Hold Me Back into the playoffs and another potential competitor out of the playoffs, then creating an financial withholding for that team. The fact that these actions manipulated real-money chances called for true interests from the league. Hundreds of dollars are at stake for the BFFL Purse and the fact that Domination’s actions denied one teams chances of that and boosted another teams chances called for serious inquiry.

During the investigation, Hold Me Back’s ownership stated that they did not, in any way, attempt to gain a competitive advantage by partnering with Gator Domination to tank the match up. There is not evidence to report otherwise. Hold Me Back is clear of any wrongdoing from this incident.

Many attempts to reach Gator Domination’s management were unsuccessful and the only feedback from the team was an official statement, that did not provide any evidence against the allegations.

The 3rd party independent council reviewed the information and the effects from the actions to suggest a formidable conclusion. They returned that conclusion to the BFFL Commissioner to review and to determine proper actions to take. Results of the council review found that Gator Domination did in fact intentionally attempt to manipulate their week 12 match up. Now whether or not their intentions were to effect the playoffs can not be determined, but none the less, their actions did indeed create a direct result in playoff manipulation and skewed the integrity of the playoff structure, so it should be looked at as the same.

The last time an incident like this took place, in 2009, that team, Dragon Nite, was handed a 12 game suspension. But even then, Dragon Nite’s actions did not create a direct effect on the playoffs. Since it happened in week 1. Dragon Nite’s took their suspension for the season and came back the following year. So the precedent has been set.

The Council agreed that the actions were wrong and deliberate and resulted in cheating. They also gave a suggested punishment. While I respect the councils recommendation, their punishment included, but not limited to, loss of 2020 draft picks. I do not feel that their needs to be actions beyond the season in which the incident took place.

The results of the incident have been deemed as cheating and attempts to manipulate the league integrity. For those actions, Gator Domination will receive the following:

  • a no-contest for week 12, thus resulting in an 11th place final result.
  • suspension from managing the 2019 consolation bracket. Roster will be set based on the week 12 lineup and will be placed on auto-pilot for the remainder of the consolation bracket for the fairness of their opponents.

Gator Domination’s management have rights to appeal these findings, in writing, in reply to the post, but 10:00am CST of 11/27/19. Lack of appeal will seal these finding and ruling as acceptance and will conclude the investigation.


Commissioner Crain

2019 Week 12 Playoff Picture

We are in the final week of the 2019 regular season. Two divisions are locked up, but we still have several fighting for the other 4 playoff spots. Here is the breakdown:

Eliminated: When is the last time Chad and Ty were not in the playoffs….
Gator Domination
Miller Thrillers
Cole Boys
Varsity Blues

Vicious – BFFL North Champions
Crain Bangers – BFFL South Champions
Bama Beatdown – Either: BFFL East Champions or Wild Card Birth

Control their own destiny:
Houston Havoc – Win and clinch the BFFL East
Morris Maulers – Win and clinch top Wild Card spot

All the other scenarios:

  • Eaton’s Idiots (<5% chance): must win against Crain Bangers and needs win by Beatdown and a loss by No Romo and Hold Me Back and a few more miracles.
  • No Romo (41% chance): Must win and needs Beatdown to win or loss by Hold Me Back
  • Hold Me Back (73% chance): Must Win and a win by Beatdown or a loss by Maulers or No Romo (worst division record of the 6-5 teams for tiebreaker)
  • Houston Havoc (86% chance): Win and clinch BFFL East; Lose and needs No Romo to lose
  • Morris Maulers (>95%): Win and in; Lose and needs a Beatdown win or No Romo loss.
  • Bama Beatdown (>99% chance): Win and clinch East Division; Lose and get pissed and drops team or kicked out of league.

2019 Future Draft Pick Aquisitions

During the last 24 hour of the trade period, the BFFL allows for draft pick trading for the next season’s draft. Each team may gain and trade away 1 pick for the next season draft.

Crain Bangers send Cole Boys a 2020 6th rd pick

Vicious send Gator Domination a 2020 7th rd pick

Miller Thrillers send (Whatever Jeff new team name is) a 2020 5th rd pick


Jeff Eaton GoFundMe $FA

For the playoffs and consolation, and mostly for Jeff blowing all his free agent money, here is a chance to win some money.

Vote on the winners of week 1 playoff games. There are only 2 games, so must pick both games right. Winners will receive $50FA .

All entries must be made as a comment to this post and be submitted by 9pm CST on Thursday, Nov 29, 2018 .

Week 11 Power Ranking

Playoff Run

Its Thursday of week 12 of the 2018 BFFL season. Thanksgiving Day. With 3 games on the schedule today, a sneak peak of the this week’s matchups is on display. And with those matchups, 5 teams are fighting for 2 wild card spots…

BFFL East – Miller Thrillers clinched
BFFL South – GOAT Clinched
BFFL North – Gator Domination Clinched and Clinched #1 Seed

Wild Card
Hold Me Back has clinched a playoff spot, 5 other teams are still in contention. There is a pretty good chance of going to tiebreaker to get in. There is even a chance that a 5-7 team makes the playoffs.

Hold Me Back – Clinched a wild card spot, seeding still to be determined.
Cole Boys – with win Cole Boys Clinch a playoff spot. With loss by Bangers, Maulers, and Vicious; Cole Boys can clinch
No Romo – clinch with a win. With a lose, No Romo can clinch with a loss by Bangers, Maulers, Cole Boys, and Vicious
Crain Bangers – to clinch, Bangers have to win and either No Romo or Cole Boys have to lose.
Morris Maulers –  Maulers can clinch with a win and needs 2 loses between Cole Boys, No Romo, and Crain Bangers.
Vicious – Vicious can clinch with a win and 3 loses by Crain Bangers, Cole Boys, No Romo, and Morris Maulers.

Playoff Scenario and Week 10 Power Rankings

2 games to go and no divisions are clinched yet…. This has been the closest ranked season in the recent BFFL history. There are only 3 out of 12 teams with a losing record and 8 teams still in divisional contention. Gator Domination officially, mathematically clinched a playoff berth with his win over Hold Me Back this week. No one else is officially in the playoffs, but many control their own destiny.

BFFL East Miller Thrillers and Cole Boys control their own destiny. If either team wins out, that team takes the division crown. A lot will be at stake this up coming week when they face off against each other. Thrillers could clinch the division with a win this week. If Cole Boys wins this week, Cole Boys would need to win or a Thrillers loss in week 12 to clinch.

BFFL North Technically Domination, Hold Me Back, and No Romo are still in divisional contention. Domination only needs to win one of their final 2 games to clinch. If Domination loses their last two, either Hold Me Back or No Romo can win the division by winning out and scoring 300 points more than Domination over the last 2 games. A tough task, but mathematically still possible.

BFFL South Another 3 team race in the South. Led by GOAT by 1 game, they control their own destiny. GOAT wins out and they win the South. Bangers are a game back in the South, but if they win out, including the week 12 matchup against GOAT, then Bangers win the South. If Maulers wins out, they would need Bangers to lose one of their final 2 games or outscore Bangers by 100 points to capture their first Division Title. If Bangers and Maulers win out, they would both be 7-5 and 4-2 in the division. The tiebreaker would then go to points scored. Bangers has a 100 point advantage on Maulers through the first 10 games.

Wild-Card The wild card still has many scenarios to play out before we can really look at who is in and out. Currently No Romo, Hold Me Back and Cole Boys lead the way, but there is a lot that can change this week..

Week 10 Power Rankings

Not a lot changed this week. Miller Thrillers rose a spot with their win this week and Hold Me Back dropped a spot with their loss. No Romo jumped both Maulers and Vicious with this weeks games.

Season Long Power Rankings 

This is a fun chart to look at, it is the weekly rankings from the entire season, including preseason. Crazy to see how quickly Beatdown dropped from that Preseason number 2 spot, then stayed at the bottom. The other big surprise was Hold Me Back’s #9 preseason rankings, but has remained inside the top 5 since week 4. Tough to do in your inaugural year of the BFFL. Other than Beatdown, Hold Me Back and Houston Havic, all the other preseason projections were somewhat close.

Week 9 Power Rankings

After 2 weeks of the Power Rankings show, presented by Giuseppe’s Cafe (via YouTube), we bring the Power Rankings back to the website.

The Week 9 Power Rankings brings the conclusion of trading period into the final stretch of the season. Divisional series start back up this week with each division still up for grabs. In the East, Thrillers are up a game on Cole Boys. South, Maulers and GOAT share the lead and are only a game up on Crain Bangers. North, Gator Domination are up a game on Hold Me Back with Vicious only another game back. Still a lot can happen. For the Wild Card standings, Hold Be Back are 2 games ahead. Vicious and GOAT lead the remainder of the Wild Card pictures due to Tie Breaker with No Romo.

Only a couple moves were made at the deadline and only one involving a pick. Gator Domination sent Golladay and a 2019 5th round pick to Bama Beatdown for Mike Evans. This trade gives Domination a solid Flex and gives Beatdown depth at WR for the Consolation Bracket and a premier pick to start the 2019 season. The other deadline trade, Crain Bangers sent Baker Mayfield, Josh Gordan, and Aaron Jones to Beatdown for Carson Wentz. This deal upgrades Bangers QB bye-week issues during divisional play and adds depth to Beatdown for Consolation Bracket. I think all 3 teams won at the deadline.

Now to Power Rankings. Not much have changed this week. Top 2 are still Gator Domination and GOAT. Hold Me Back jumps to the 3rd spot after the 108 whooping they did on Beatdown. Thrillers drops a spot to give way for Hold Me Back. Despite the 1 point victory in week 8 over (then) East Division frontrunner Cole Boys, No Romo drops 2 spots to number 8, while Maulers jumps two spots to number 6 following their 30 point victory over Domination.

A lot will change this week, just hold on and enjoy the ride.

2019 Future Draft Picks

TyRob Trifecta

The TyRob Trufecta… Its a big weekend for Ty, so to help pump up his weekend, we are gonna have a little FA$ challenge. Guess the winner of all 3 games and win $50FA .

1. Oxford at Gardendale

2. Georgia vs Florida

3. Cole boys at Gator Domination


Entry must be submitted by 8pm on Friday night..

Week 6 Power Rankings

Week 5 Power Rankings

Week 4 Power Rankings

MLB National League West..

With just a few games left in the 2018 MLB season, all divisions are determined except for one… National League West..

For $50FA, Who wins the division title?

Rockies are currently 0.5 games up on the Dodgers. Rockies have 4 games left and Dodgers have 3…

BFFL Fantasy Scorebook Pick’ems..

To have a little fun around the league, we are gonna try a little Vegas style $FA gambling within our league… Why not…

Rules: You can pick up to 3 games and gamble as low as $5FA and up to $50FA on the line set on Thursday. Win and you gain the amount you bet, lose and you lose the amount you bet, push and no money is added or subtracted.. You can NOT bet on your own team…

Lines for this week…

Bangers (-11) at Beatdown
No Romo (-5) at Maulers
Gator Domination (-39.5) at Varsity Blues
Cole Boys at Hold Me Back (-25.5)
Vicious (11) at Havoc
Thrillers at GOAT (-15.5)

To Play: respond to this post before 7p on Thursday night.
Respond with something like:
No Romo -5
Cole Boys +25.5
Thrillers +15.5

Week 3 Power Rankings

This is the 4th Poll of the year (preseason poll and 3 regular season weeks) and we have ourselves a new, 4th, top spot among the rankings. Week 3 Power Rankings welcome Gator Domination to the podium. Gator started 4th on the preseason poll. Took a hit in week 1’s loss and dropped to 7th. Regained some ground in week 2’s win and jumped to 3rd. A big win this week, scoring the second highest of the week, and jumped to number 1. As history has shown through the 3 previous polls, its a short stay at the top…

GOAT remains at the number 2 spot, maintaining their top ranked PPG at 181. Maulers take a small drop to 3rd after their first loss of the season this week, but remain a high percentage for the playoffs at 69%.

Miller Thrillers and Crain Bangers both jump up a spot after week 3 victories. Thrillers hold the 3rd best PPG mark at 163, Bangers PPG stays in the top 5 with 153ppg, but carry the #2 ROS Roster.

The Polls just do not like Cole Boys. After another win this week and starting 3-0, Cole Boys fall 2 spots to #6. Cole Boys have had a little luck in terms of divisional schedule and matchups, proven by thei 18-15 Overall Wins. Cole Boys also have the 11th ranked ROS Roster.

A little futher down the board, No Romo jumps up a spot to tie Bama Beatdown at #10. This week, Beatdown’s Playoff Odds are down to 16%, while Houston Havoc are down to #4.

Week 2 Rankings

Week 2 Rankings of the BFFL.

We have a new number 1… Morris Maulers jumps from #4 into the top spot with their 2-0 start and defeating week 1 top spot, GOAT by 4 points. Maulers have the 3rd best Playoff percentage at 80%.

Goat drop 1 spot to number 2, but still hold the best odds of making the playoffs, at 82%, and carry the highest scoring average of 177 points per game.

Rounding out the top 5, Varsity Blues jumps from #10 to #5 after scoring a Franchise Best 198 points in week 2, but still only carry a 30% chance of making the playoffs.

At Number 6, Thillers drop from being ranked #2 last week after only a 120pt performance and loss to Cole Boys.

The top winless team, Crain Bangers, come in at #7. At 0-2, Bangers still have a 56% odds of making the playoffs, mainly due to their #1 ranked Rest of Season Roster Rankings. Bangers opponents have scored a combined 370pts in the first 2 weeks, 80pt more than the league average of Points Against. But Bangers face off against another #1 ranked opponent in week 3, Morris Mauler, so look for Bangers PO odds to drop with the potential 0-3 start.

Despite a win this week, Bama Beatdown’s playoff odd dropped from 22% to 19%, proving that week 2’s win over the horrendous Houston Havoc 140-106 was a fluke and Beatdown still remain a horrible team.. Just Saying..

Weekly Rankings are calculated of data from ESPN’s league page and FantasyPro’s League Analyzer. That data is entered into the Analytics Spreadsheet and outputs the data for the new rankings. No personal data is entered after the preseason rankings. Weekly Rankings are calculated after 12 noon, on Wednesday. Any trades or free agent acquisitions after that point will not reflect that week’s roster data and rankings.

Week 1 Rankings

Like always, the preseason polls do not always prove to be accurate. And honestly, the polls from the first couple of weeks do not display enough sample size to process a true trend to rank Strength of Roster, Playoff Odds, ect..

For the sake of entertainment though, these rankings are fun to watch and fun to process. Even more fun for shit talking..

Preseason Rankings:
1. Miller Thrillers
2. Bama Beatdown
4. Gator Domination
5. Crain Bangers
6. Houston Havoc
7. No Romo
8. Vicious
9. Hold Me Back
10. Morris Maulers
11. Varsity Blues
12. Cole Boys

The preseason rankings take many things into consideration: all of the owner preseason ranking submissions, FantasyPro’s League Analyzer, and FantasyGuru’s League Analytics Spreadsheet. From there, every week’s data from ESPN’s league page and FantasyPro’s League Analyzer is entered into the Analytics Spreadsheet and outputs the data for the new rankings. No personal data is entered after the preseason rankings.

Here is Week 1 Rankings:


Wow, what a difference a week makes….

Notably, how far returning BFFL Champion Bama Beatdown fell. From Preseason ranked #2 to week 1 ranked #9. In Week 1, scoring 155 points, Beatdown ranks in at #5 in points per game and currently projects to have a 7-4 season would have thought to keep Beatdown higher in the rankings. But after the week 1 lose, trade to send Rivers/Allen away, and the uncertainty of number 1 overall pick Le’Veon Bell, Beatdowns Playoff Odds dropped to league worst, 22%. Not to mention Rest Of Season Roster ranks dead last. Beatdown is gonna need some additional moves and some luck to dig out of this hole.

Miller Thrillers are primed for another successful year. Kicking the season off 1-0 behind the top preseason rankings and a league-best 192 points. A 74% chance to make the playoffs, Thrillers have arguably the easiest schedule in the league, is predicted to go undefeated. With a ROS Roster ranking of #8, Thriller will lean heavily on matchups to look for another division championship

Alabama Opening Day QB’s

Whether you are an Alabama Crimson Tide fan or not, the Tide’s QB battle has been on the nations highest touted competition entering the 2018 season.

Who will be Bama’s QB?

Jalen Hurts, a true Junior and 2 year starter with an impressive 26-2 record as the starter . Hurts was the 2016 SEC Offensive Player of the Year, SEC Freshman of the Year, and 1st Team All-SEC..

Tua Tugavailoa, came off the bench, as a true freshman, at halftime of the National Championship Game and led the Tide to a Come-from-behind victory and National Championship .

4 part trivia. $25FA for correctly answering each part.

1: Who Starts Louisville game?

2: Who Starts the first offensive drive of the 4th quarter.

3. Who is considered the winning/losing QB of the game .

4. Who is named starting QB for the 4th regular season game against Texas A&M .

All entries must be in by 12pm CST.

2018 Preseason Rankings

2018 preseason rankings posted by team owners.