NBA FInals Game 7

Happy Fathers Day…. Time for a little preseason action for FA$.

Game 7, Cav’s at the Warriors, in an NBA front office rigged series… Lets put some money of the table, FA$ that is

$25FA for picking the winner, $150FA for picking the spread. SO if you pick Cav’s win by 8, and they actually win by 8, you get $150FA. if they win by 7, you get $25FA. Pretty easy..

Last Week of the Season, 4 Playoff Spots Left

It is the final regular season week. Week 12. This week is consist of divisional play of teams that finished the 2014 season as the top two teams in their respective division. Again in 2015, there is a lot still riding on this week…

Two teams have already clinched their division championship, Miller Thrillers and Shaved Wood. They are playing for seeding this week and to knock their opponent out of Wild Card contention.

So that leaves 4 more playoff spots. Lets start with the BFFL West. The lead is tied between Gator Domination and Blue Ballerz. Both teams are 8-3 with 4-1 divisional records. Winner wins the division and the loser has a chance for Wild Card. If Ballerz lose, they will need help for the wild card spot. If Domination loses, they still hold the tiebreaker and will clinch a Wild Card birth.

Now we are down to 3 playoff spots left. The only other divisional race is in the BFFL South. Three teams are tied for the lead. Crain Bangers, No Romo, and Ice Vipers are all tied with an unimpressive 4-7 record. Bangers currently own the ties breaker with 4-1 division record. No Romo play the voided Pittsburgh Predators, so No Romo have clinched a divisional Win. So the division crown lies on the Bangers/Vipers matchup. If the Bangers win, they take the Division Crown. If Vipers win, No Romo takes the Division Crown due to tiebreaker with No Romo’s week 11 win over Vipers. None of the South teams are eligible for a Wild Card spot.

Now we are down to to the two Wild Card spots. There is a lot that can happen to determine the final two spots. It is potentially a four-team race between Vicious, Inglorius Assassins, Bama Beatdown, and the loser of Gator Domination and Blue Ballerz:
Gator Domination – If Domination lose week 12 Ballerz, Domination will have the tiebreaker due to higher “points for” than the rest of the field, so they will clinch one of the playoff spots.
Inglorious Assassins –  are in control of their own destiny and they play the weaker opponent of the five teams. Assassins are riding a, BFFL best, 6-game winning streak and play the 4-7 Varsity Blues. An Assassins win and they clinch the final Wild Card spot. An Assassins loss and they are not out of the picture, but would need some help. They would need Vicious, Beatdown to both lose.
Vicious – still have a good chance of taking the final Wild Card spot. If Vicious wins and Ballerz or Assassins lose, then Vicious takes the Wild Card. If Assassins and Ballerz win, Vicious can still take the Wild Card. Vicious and Assassins are tied with a 7-4 record and are both 3-2 in the BFFL East. Vicious and Assassin split their seasonal matchup against each other. Assassins hold the tiebreaker with a team “points for” advantage of 1673.6 to Vicious’ 1654.7. So if both Vicious and Assassins win, Vicious could take the wild card by outscoring Assassins by 18.9 points in their week 12 game. Vicious has averaged 141.8 over the last 3 games, a mere 3 points better than Assassins 3-week average of 138.8. If Ballerz lose to Domination, Vicious would hold the tiebreaker over Ballerz due to “PF” so, Assassins and Vicious would get the two wild card spots.
Blue Ballerz – a week 12 win over Domination is Ballerz easiest path to the playoffs, but a loss, doesnt take them out of contention, but they would need help. If Ballerz lose, they need either Assassins or Vicious to lose. If Vicious loses, Ballerz gain the 5th seed and Assassins take the 6th seed due to Ballerz win over Assassins during their week 5 matchup. If both Vicious and Assassins win, there would be a three-way tie. Tiebreaker would go to “PF”, Ballerz is currently behind Vicious by 49.1 points and behind Assassins by 68 points. Ballerz would have to outscore them by that many points this week to take the Wild Card seed.
Bama Beatdown – are not mathematically out, but they have an extremely tough task to take the final Wild Card spot. With Beatdowns 6-5 record, 3-2 in the BFFL North, they need Domination, Vicious and Assassins to lose this week. Domination would take the first Wild Card spot.  That would leave Beatdown, Vicious and Assassins in a 3-way tie for the final wild card spot. Now the real tough part. Due to tiebreaker, Beatdown would have to outscore both teams in the “Points For” category. Beatdown currently have 1542.7 points scored on the year. Beatdown would have to outscored Vicious by 112 points and outscore Assassins by 130.9 points in this week’s games. Not impossible, but very improbable.

It will be an interesting Sunday, can’t wait to enjoy the action.

Predators Roster Investigation

Pittsburgh Predators decided on Nov 5th to drop their entire roster into free agency. An investigation is being conducted on the basis of dropping their roster and their roster management leading up to this point.

Predators Roster Sale.. 18hrs Only

Well… Here we go again. Special Comsideratiom roster sale. Apparently Pittsburgh Predators couldn’t handle the future of his team so he dumped his roster and jumped ship. I won’t go into my thoughts on my he quit mid-season, but Im sure he will blame it on recent delimna around the league. I think that is just the excuse he will play, because that is the easy play, but I think it is more on not being able to handle the fact that his team, that was once tops I’m the league, was circling the drain. But it is what it is.

The team has several good players to build a future around. But the lack of QB, makes it a tough roster to win a championship with. Their only true dominant piece, Jamal Charles, is out for the year. So we will allow teams to bid on this roster, similar to MonkeyStache roster, in efforts to give the future owner something to work with.

Everything will be handled the same way. Deadline is Friday, Nov 6 at 7pm. All inquiry’s will be made public on this page. Good luck.

Bama Beatdown Roster Incident

The league office has wrapped up the investigation of November 3rd’s incident of Bama Beatdown’s roster being sold on the Black Market.

For those that were not aware of the incident, Bama Beatdown agreed to many trades on November 3rd and 4th. Many of these trades were vetoed by league office and Beatdown was put on Trade Alert and therefor the league took special interest in the trades and deeming them good or bad in terms of integrity and competitiveness. A couple trades passed and many trades were vetoed. Both of which caused uproar around the BFFL.

There is never an easy way to rule on a matter that affects individual teams nor is it easy or fair for the league to determine each teams intentions or integrity, but for the greater good of the league, the league must monitor these situations and maintain the competitiveness to the league as a whole. So the league office conducted an investigation to straighten out the matter at hand.

The truth is, the league does not like having to review trades. The best thing that could happen is for all trades to be made with true integrity. Based on a league of this size and stakes, there is too many persuasions and variances for those ideals to always be put first. So for that reason, to protect each team owner, the league must look at trades and determine their legitimacy. It is the worst part of being commissioner. No matter how it is ruled, a comparison by subjectivity between two sets of players and teams, can always be skewed to appear fair or biased. The fact is, depending on how one manipulates the stats or projects the potential or future of a player, a trade can became completely even or completely lopsided. There is no real way to evaluate a trade, so what I do is try to evaluate the traders intent. Which is just as difficult as evaluating players. In the early season, it is easy because everyone is still in the mix, through mid-season, it become difficult. Things change mid-season. Commitment, patience, compromise, evaluation… They all change by mid-season. So the complexity of the evaluation becomes much greater. All the while, while I am evaluating trades among the league, I am also evaluating my teams needs and potential acquisitions. Due to this, it leaves my position as both league commissioner and team owner vulnerable to league scrutiny. No matter how a trade in the league is deemed, it will be scrutinized and those that oppose my decision of the trade begin by attacking me and my integrity. It happens with nearly every trade. It is just so much easier for the common team owner to point their finger at me and to accuse me of wrong doing than it is to sit back and accept the decision of the trade. But that is part of being the commissioner of a league of this magnitude. I guess…

So back to the terms of the Beatdown Roster Incident. There is no correct way to handle the situation and any outcome will piss people off and will affect the league. The league office has to look passed those notions and do what is right for the league as a whole.

From my investigation, the entire incident started as a small incident and snowballed rather quickly. An initial decision was made, that sparked some controversy, then continued to grow and spun out of control. People make mistakes. I make my share everyday. People make decisions based on emotions. Then, as guys, our stubbornness kicks in and those emotional decisions escalate into bigger ordeals that we just can’t get out of. Just like quicksand, the more we fight to overcome that first step, the deeper we are sucked in. Most of us in this league are emotionally connected. We have put in so much time and work to the team and league, that we become emotionally connected. Then something happens and as guys, our first step is to fight back. That turns into a bigger problem than just stepping back, evaluating what happened and planning for the next step. This is what happened to Bama Beatdown. The initial, small decision started a response, that cycled into something out of control. I truly believe, and many other will to, that this was not the intentions of Beatdown’s ownership. Nowhere in the makeup of Beatdown’s franchise do I see any lack of competitive integrity. Emotions kicked a response and snowballed bigger than anyone could see coming. I do not believe that was the intentions. I also feel that deals made after the initial blunder were made irrationally and Beatdown’s psyche was taken advantage of and the deals where not made wholeheartedly, but more as a response. So the league official decision from this mishap is to retroactively nullify all trades made by Bama Beatdown as of 12:00pm, November 3rd, through 2pm, November 4th. All trades may be resubmitted and will be evaluated accordingly based upon a clean slate.


2016 Draft Pick Trading

LIke every year, trading future picks will take place the final 48 hours before the trade deadline. The trade deadline is November 5th at 11:00am Central Standard Time. 12-noon if you live on the East Coast. So starting at 11am on Tue Nov 3rd, trades involving 2016 draft picks will be allowed, accepted, and pushed through through the system. The trade must have sense of fairness to maintain competitive balance across the league both present and future. The balance of the trade does not necessarily have to equal in current value, but value of current player and future player/pick must be comparable.

Commissioner Crain will have the final evaluation and ruling to uphold or deny the trade.

Process in make trade involving future picks. Both parties of the players/picks trading must have had prior communication and understanding and mutual acceptance of the trade before pushing the trade to the league office. Once both parties have agrees to terms, a text message must be sent to the Commissioners cell phone. The next message must include all parties of the trade, Commissioner Crain, and Assistant League Manager Roberts. The message must also contain all players and picks involved in the trade. Each team is allowed to send and receive one future pick per regular season.

The trade will then be considered and either approved or denied as soon as possible. Although trades will be considered and determined promptly, final ruling and roster changing may take additional time.

All accepted and finalized trades must be posted on this page for public and future records. Although the league office will try to post the trade results, it is ultimately up to the draft pick recipient to post the trade on this page. The page stands as proof that a trade was made and as a record of the trade before the 2016 draft, so that appropriate picks are moved to the proper teams.

Morris MonkeyStache Player Trading

Due to Morris Monkeystache ownership resigning, the league front office took over day-to-day operations of the team. Player trading was not included in those operations. With the trade deadline coming up on November 5th, we will now start taking trade requests.

How this will work, so that there is no confusion or insider trading concerns, is all trade request will be made on, on this page. Simply comment on this page and state the player or pick that you are willing to send to Monkeystache team and the player that you want in return. The deadline for this will be 7pm on Wednesday, November 4th. The front office will then look over the trades and make the proper moves. The trades must have some sort of equal weight, whether it be player or pick, for betterment of both teams involved, either present or future.

All players are eligible, but Derek Carr, Adrian Peterson, and Rob Gronkowski are considered franchise players and will not be traded without equal return. Initially the thought was to not allow these 3 players to be traded, but there may be a trade out there that could offer better longterm strength to MonkeyStache organization and for that reason, we will consider those offers.

Commissioner Crain will be evaluating all trade offers and will be making final decision on the trades, except for trade offers made by Crain Bangers. Trade offers from Crain Bangers will be evaluated by Assistant League Manager Ty Roberts.

2015 Preseason Rankings

Now that the draft is wrapped up and the season is just around the corner, its time to analyze each team and get our first rankings of the 2015 season. Ranks all 16 teams, 1-16 (1 being best) and post them here. All preseason polls will be calculated to determine the official Preseason Poll…

2015 Preseason Meeting

The 2015 Preseason Meeting was held on June 23, 2015 at 9pm. Four league members joined the Commissioner to discuss and vote on ideas and rules for the upcoming and future seasons. Teams represented at the meeting: Crain Bangers, Bama Beatdown, Miller Thrillers, Alabama Outkast, and Gator Domination.

Prior the meeting, the new keeper rule from 2014 preseason meeting went into affect, requiring all teams to keep a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4 players.

2015 Rules addressed and the decision outcome:

#1: Division Realignment: 5 votes for realignment prior to the 2015 season. All teams returning will be sorted by their accumulative winning percentage over the last 4 years. 2011-2014. Teams will then be seeded into the 4 divisions in a playoff-bracket style format. If two teams have a tied winning percentage, tiebreaker will be: division record, most wins in a season, division championships. New teams will fill in the seeding from the bottom, 16, 15, 14, ect. Alignment will remain through the completion of the 2017 season, except under special circumstance by the Commissioner.

#2: Keepers: 5 votes to remain current format of 2/4 keepers through the 2016 season.

#3: Trade Fees: Idea to charge fee on all trades was tabled for the 2015 season

#4: Tiered Off Season Roster Space: Voted in favor to tier the off season rosters. All rosters must be down to 8 players by June 1, down to 6 players by July 1, down to 5 players by July 15, then down to max of 4 players 24 hours prior to draft.

#5: In-draft trading: Voted in favor to allow trades during the draft. Trading will be limited to the first 10 rounds. No trading after the 10th round until the completion of the draft.

#6: Expansion team preseason roster acquisition: Voted in favor of allowing new, expansion, teams to acquire players prior to the draft. This rule establishes a pre-draft period for expansion teams to select  players and to participate in preseason activities. It also maintains the 2/4 keeper rule among all teams. A special draft will take place between June 1 and July 1, while max rosters are at 6 players, and will consist of a snake-style selection rotation where each team may pick any free agent players where in the NFL the previous season. Order will begin with the team that entered the first first.

#7: Team vacates after trading: Voted in favor that if a team trades players during the preseason, then vacates the league, trade is retroactively voided and all players are sent back to prior team

#8: Playoff Home Field Advantage: Voted in favor to play BFFL Championship game at a neutral location to remove home field advantage points. Home Field Advantage will still remain during playoffs and 5 points will be awarded to the home team, team with higher seed.

#9: Rivalry Week:  voted in favor that Rivalry Week will remain week 4. Will consist of non-divisional games among teams that rival in nature. Also, rematch of previous years championship game.

#10: FA Bank towards trades: voted down to increase initial free agent balance to $1,500 and allow FA money towards trades.

#11: 3 QB’s on roster: it has been approved that each team may carry 3 QB’s on their roster, but must adhere to the following criteria: a team may not have 3 QB’s on roster prior to the draft; team may not draft a 3rd QB until all 16 teams have 2 qb’s on their roster; if a team has 3 QB, 2 of the 3 QB’s must be on the roster of the same NFL team.

2015 Draft

Alright, football is back… Okay maybe for a couple days, but it is still exciting..

Like every year, to get us pumped up for football and to make a little free agent money, we have a few questions to throw out there for the 2015 NFL Draft. Each question is worth $50FA each….

Questions mush be answered as a reply to this post and must be marked before the start of the draft at 7Pm Central.

1. Who will draft Marcus Mariota?

2. Will Adrian Peterson get traded during the draft?, If so, Where?

3. Who will be the first RB taken?

4. Who will be the last player taken in the first round? (Dino that would be the Patriots, because they were Champs, Just like Crain Banger. Not like Steelers/Predators/Mafia/ect.)

Week 12, and 3 playoffs spots open

I know its been a while since I’ve wrote an article. Like most people, I have been swamped for time the last couple of month. Between working at the fire dept, parenting, vacations, coaching, building two new websites, and starting a new business, I have been strapped for time. I have even gave up on getting to hunt this year. But its still not an excuse for slacking on the BFFL. For that I apologize.

Now week 12 is here, the last week of the regular season. Two divisions have been decided over the last few weeks. Crain Bangers clinched the South Division Title in week 11 with their win over Miami Magic. Gator Domination clinched the West Division in week 10 with their win over Renegade Crusaders. Miller Thrillers have also clinched a playoff birth as the top Wild Card.

Three spots remain for the 2014 playoffs and only this week to decide their fate. The easiest decider for one spot is the BFFL North race. It is basically down to this weeks matchup between Shaved Wood and Bama Beatdown. Shaved Wood are looking for their 3rd division title, while Beatdown is playing for their first title in frachise history. Winner of this game wins the division title and a playoff birth, loser still has a small shot at the other wild card, but it is a slim chance. For the loser of the Wood/Beatdown game to get a Wild Card birth, they would need Vicious to lose this week and either Magic or Assassins to lose. Both Wood and Beatdown would have the tiebreaker between Vicious, Magic, and Assassins due to better division records.

The race for the BFFL East is a tight race as well. Magic and Assassins are all knotted up with a 6-5 record (3-2 East record). The two teams split the regular season series. If both teams win, Magic owns the tiebreaker as long as Assassins don’t outscore Magic by more than 112 points this week. Magic is playing for their first division title and gains a spot in the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. Magic must win to make the playoffs.  Assassins can win the East with a win and a Magic loss. Assassins can still make the playoffs if Magic wins if they win by more points than Vicious to have the tiebreaker for the Wild Card.

Vicious earns a wild card playoff spot with a win over Gator Domination and a loss by Magic or Assassins. Vicious could still get in if magic and Assassins win if Vicious scores 3 more points this week than Assassin. Vicious would normaly have a tough task against Domination, but Domination seems to be resting his starters to attempt to secure the number 2 seed due to being scared of playing Thrillers in the 2nd round of the playoffs.

For those that do not make the playoffs, the top 6 non-playoff teams still get a chance to compete for the Consolation Bracket and a chance at the top pick in the 2015 draft.

Its gonna be an interesting weekend. Can’t wait to see how it plays out.





Domination/Wood Trade Ruling

Domination and Wood agreed, in principle, on a trade on 10/29/14. That trade consist of Domination sending Romo and Andre Johnson to Shaved Wood in return for Stafford and Davante Adams. The trade was initially rules as fair from first glance due to being an even exchange. But one problem occurred. Stafford had previously been on Domination’s team and was involved in a 3-team trade just 3 week prior. Thrillers received Stafford from Domination, then traded Stafford away to Shaved Wood. Who then was trying to trade back to Domination. I explained to Domination’s front office that I would have to investigate the rules a little further on whether the trade could be accepted. Upon reading the rules of trading and recieving players that a team previously had, I was still unclear how to rule the trade. The rule was a little vague and did not specify whether or not a player can be received back, if that player had went to a 3rd team. So I decided to let a committee oversee the trade, so that the trade did not seem unfair to the league or the teams involved. A committee was formed, assigning a representative from each division with no ties to the current trade, to determine the contents of the rule and whether the trade was valid based on their determination of the rule. The committee was told to simply look at the rule and only its context and decipher if the rule allows or doesn’t allow the trade of Stafford back to Domination’s team.

After 4 hours of closed deliberations, the committee came back with a verdict on the terms of whether the trade is valid of “no”. Since Stafford had not played 6 games from the time Domination traded him away, then he was not subject to be traded to Domination’s team.

Let it be known, for the remainder of the 2014 season, and perhaps forward, that the case of “Rules Committee vs Gator Domination” rules that a player can not return to a previous owner, by means of trade, until a period of 6 games have been played, reguardless of whether that player was sent to others teams during the “dead” period.

The trade rule states:

 Trades: The trading period is from the date that the league opens for business (usually mid to late July) through the week following week 8. If a trade is made, players can not be sent back to former team for a period of 6 games following initial trade. The trade deadline will be posted before each season begins. The deadline will be at 11:00pm CST on the Wednesday prior to the week 9 games. Preseason trades may include draft picks for the current year’s draft. Teams may also trade draft picks for the next season on the final week of the trading period. Future Draft Pick trading period begins on the first day of Week 9, Tuesday, at 0800 and will run through the trade deadline. Each team is allowed to trade away one pick in exchange for players and picks. Any one team, may not gain more than 2 future picks during the regular season. (Note: Due to the special circumstances of trading future draft picks,trades involving future picks for players will be not be allowed to be traded back to former team before the next seasons draft, except under special circumstances.)

2015 Draft Pick Trading

Like the last two seasons, the week 9 trading and free-agent period will allow future picks to be traded. From Tuesday at 8am-the trade deadline, Thursday at 11am, each team is allowed to trade away 1 draft pick from the 2015 Draft. Each team can lose more than 1 pick not  gain no more than 2 additional picks during the trading period. Picks in the first 4 rounds can not be used due to keeper reserves.

Trades must still be approved by the league office. Both teams can either text the commissioner or may post message in the forum explaining teams intent and to agree to terms. Commissioner will attempt to make a quick response and approve or veto the trade.

Thrillers/Predators/Domination Trade

photoOn this morning, Oct 7th, a three-way trade between Thrillers/Domination/Predators was sent to the Commissioners office via trade. Minutes following, each of the 3 team’s owners followed up the trade request with “Confirmation” of the trade. I accepted the trade as being agreed on by the three team representatives. I seen the trade as fair, but due to the nature of such a large trade, I forwarded the trade request to two other team representatives to confirm my thoughts on the trade’s fairness. Both immediately returned a verdict of “Fair Trade”

Over an hour later, Thrillers and Northside completed a trade. That trade contained one of Thrillers players that was being sent away as part of the three way trade. Another couple of hours later, another trade was completed. This time the trade was between Domination and Thrillers and contained more players from the same previous three-way trade. Thrillers owner contacted me, explaining that multiple trades had been completed and contained some of the same players. I responded to him, asking what he plans to do and voiced my concern pertaining to agreement to the first trade.

From this point, the three members of the original 3-way trade, could not come to terms to honor the initial trade.

Do to being of such a large complicity and the fact that none of the teams would come to terms, I organized another arbitration committee to hear the terms of the trades from each teams perspective and make a ruling on what was just and fair. This committee contained the lowest ranked team from each of the divisions that the 3 teams of the trade reside. Only variance is that Predators are the lowest ranked team of the North, so I selected the second lowest team. From this, I appointed on of the committee representatives as the chairperson of the committee and he was to send me the verdict of the arbitration.

From the Arbitration Committee Chairperson: “Commish Crain, as foreman of the committee, our decision is the 3 way trade goes through….”

From the decision of the Arbitration Committee, I will be vetoing the two secondary trades, due to the fact that the players are not considered eligible from trade due to those particular players were not current on the roster attempting to trade them away, due to being considered, accepted, in the prior 3-team trade.

Week 5 (Rivalry Week) Predictions

Rivalry week is upon is and there is blood in the water… This is the only week of the season where teams get to pick their out-of-division matchup. Lets see how they will play out.

1. Bangers by 28 over Crusaders in their last BFFL matchup
2. Blues by 17 over Wipers, Wipers are just bad
3. Northside by 8 over MonkeyStache, the late heroics of MonkeyStache get stopped this week by Seattle’s Passing Defense
4. Beatdown by 4 over Assassins, Assassins just do not have the QB’s to be consistent
5. Domination by an easy 34 over fellow Blue Phi, Magic. This is Magics toughest test of the season
6. Thrillers by 29 over Predators in the “Battle of Manning’s Past”. Manning will exploit his former team.
7. Ballerz by 17 over Bucs, mostly due to Bucs lack of team management in QB play
8. Vicious by 1 over Wood in the “Toss-Up Game of the Week”

BEATDOWN week 4 predictions

1.Varsity by 5 in a tight fight to the end.
2.bangers by 45, Donnell had a monster game thursdaynight
3.assassins by 15, ice will go 2-10 this season
4.wood by 25
5.thrillers by 20 still a tough team
6.gator by 10, gator is just strong
7.prefators by 25, Eli went off and should be enough for the win
8. BEATDOWN by 8 in a tight game that will prob go till the end

Week 3 Power Rankings


2014 BFFL Preseason Poll

The 2014 BFFL Preseason has been voted on and votes have been tallied. Here is the results.. Miller Thrillers are preseason ranked number one, by a unanimous decision.

Rank Team AVR Highest Rank Lowest Rank
1 Thrillers 1.00 1 1
2 Domination 2.55 2 4
3 Bangers 3.55 2 11
4 Vicious 3.82 2 4
5 Wood 6.64 5 13
6 Beatdown 8.18 5 13
7 Ballers 9.64 5 14
8 Northside 9.64 5 16
9 Blues 9.82 6 12
10 Bucs 10.18 6 15
11 Assassins 11.09 6 15
12 Monkey 11.09 2 16
13 Predators 11.73 6 15
14 Crusaders 11.91 6 15
15 Vipers 12.45 3 16
16 Magic 14.45 12 16

BEATDOWN weekly predictions

1. BEATDOWN by 5. Should be a good game, almost picked wood but it’s hard to pick against my team

2.assassins by 25. With Ellington hurt that will hurt bucs bad.

3.magic by 10. Lynch had a good game and lacy went down, that’s going to be the difference.

4.miller by 45. Miller very strong and Rodgers didn’t have a good game thursdaynight will hurt bangers.

5. Monkey by 25.monkey’s 4 main players are just to strong for ice

6. Vicious on a pickem. Probably GOTW,I had to flip a coin on this one

7.northside by 10. North has a better WR core

8.blueballerz by 5. Should be a tight game but I just had to pick one

2014 Luxury Tax Assessment

2013 started the Luxury Tax in the BFFL. The luxury tax is a tax on players that teams decided to keep from the previous season. The purpose of the luxury tax is to tax each team based on their keeper value to balance each team net worth. With team worth balanced out and teams taxed their FA Money based on keeper worth, allows teams with less valuable keeper worth to have more potential money to bid towards players in free agency.

With a maximum of 3 players per team. The tax is computed using ESPN Insider’s auction values, with settings Teams: 16, Budget:750. The assessed tax will be removed from each teams fantasy bank account the week following the draft.

The value is posted below. Each team will be charged the rate of their keepers from this graph and that amount of funds with be withdrawn from their FA Money.

Peyton Manning Den QB $129 435/640 5210 48 32 -14 0 0 0 0 463
Jamaal Charles KC RB $122 0/0 0 0 247 1260 7 64 587 4 276
Adrian Peterson Min RB $120 0/0 0 0 298 1365 13 40 289 2 271
Matt Forte Chi RB $120 0/0 0 0 270 1227 8 70 576 2 271
Aaron Rodgers GB QB $118 348/514 4378 39 47 225 2 0 0 0 425
LeSean McCoy Phi RB $116 0/0 0 0 294 1402 9 42 342 3 263
Drew Brees NO QB $112 435/626 4880 39 27 64 1 0 0 0 407
Marshawn Lynch Sea RB $109 0/0 0 0 303 1285 12 33 279 1 246
Eddie Lacy GB RB $104 0/0 0 0 288 1220 10 42 301 1 235
Calvin Johnson Det WR $101 0/0 0 0 0 0 0 94 1664 12 283
Doug Martin TB RB $98 0/0 0 0 296 1192 8 43 316 1 222
DeMarco Murray Dal RB $97 0/0 0 0 206 989 8 56 425 1 219
Le’Veon Bell Pit RB $97 0/0 0 0 281 1073 8 52 358 1 219
Matthew Stafford Det QB $94 397/649 4471 32 34 84 2 0 0 0 349
Demaryius Thomas Den WR $92 0/0 0 0 0 0 0 93 1400 13 262
Montee Ball Den RB $91 0/0 0 0 217 943 9 54 333 1 206
Giovani Bernard Cin RB $90 0/0 0 0 210 927 3 52 478 4 204
Arian Foster Hou RB $89 0/0 0 0 220 1034 8 37 307 1 202
Reggie Bush Det RB $89 0/0 0 0 195 904 5 50 456 3 201
Nick Foles Phi QB $88 299/467 3969 26 70 273 3 0 0 0 330
Robert Griffin III Wsh QB $88 294/490 3789 22 101 563 4 0 0 0 329
Andrew Luck Ind QB $88 357/581 4071 23 63 365 3 0 0 0 329
Dez Bryant Dal WR $87 0/0 0 0 1 8 0 100 1327 12 251
Tony Romo Dal QB $86 413/633 4654 28 23 29 0 0 0 0 321
Zac Stacy StL RB $86 0/0 0 0 286 1187 9 21 127 0 193
Russell Wilson Sea QB $85 257/400 3264 25 92 497 3 0 0 0 320
Trent Richardson Ind RB $85 0/0 0 0 264 987 6 43 326 1 192
Philip Rivers SD QB $85 364/544 4392 28 26 45 0 0 0 0 318
Matt Ryan Atl QB $85 419/627 4377 28 24 86 0 0 0 0 317
Andre Ellington Ari RB $84 0/0 0 0 166 867 3 48 457 3 190
A.J. Green Cin WR $84 0/0 0 0 0 0 0 90 1336 11 244
Ben Tate Cle RB $84 0/0 0 0 247 1026 7 40 311 0 189
Cam Newton Car QB $84 259/433 3154 19 111 599 8 0 0 0 314
Tom Brady NE QB $83 402/626 4287 26 24 21 1 0 0 0 313
Antonio Brown Pit WR $83 0/0 0 0 8 47 0 109 1435 7 242
Brandon Marshall Chi WR $83 0/0 0 0 0 0 0 95 1230 12 242
Ray Rice Bal RB $83 0/0 0 0 217 901 6 54 330 1 188
Julio Jones Atl WR $82 0/0 0 0 1 19 0 97 1387 9 241
Alfred Morris Wsh RB $82 0/0 0 0 269 1287 9 8 62 0 186
Colin Kaepernick SF QB $82 248/427 3378 22 101 474 4 0 0 0 310
C.J. Spiller Buf RB $81 0/0 0 0 201 1001 5 37 316 1 184
Joique Bell Det RB $81 0/0 0 0 202 812 6 43 417 1 182
Shane Vereen NE RB $80 0/0 0 0 95 436 2 72 687 4 182
Jay Cutler Chi QB $80 302/485 3653 28 32 196 1 0 0 0 301
Alshon Jeffery Chi WR $78 0/0 0 0 14 85 1 85 1284 8 231
Frank Gore SF RB $78 0/0 0 0 259 1123 8 15 130 0 176
Chris Johnson NYJ RB $78 0/0 0 0 201 802 6 38 330 2 176
Jordy Nelson GB WR $77 0/0 0 0 0 0 0 82 1286 10 229
Andre Johnson Hou WR $77 0/0 0 0 0 0 0 100 1367 7 228
Andy Dalton Cin QB $77 317/520 3562 27 54 137 2 0 0 0 292
Ryan Mathews SD RB $77 0/0 0 0 230 1065 7 19 176 0 173
Randall Cobb GB WR $76 0/0 0 0 10 123 0 87 1233 8 227
Rashad Jennings NYG RB $76 0/0 0 0 217 960 7 31 218 0 171
Ben Roethlisberger Pit QB $75 319/511 3744 26 26 100 1 0 0 0 287
Toby Gerhart Jac RB $74 0/0 0 0 253 931 6 33 253 0 166
Steven Jackson Atl RB $72 0/0 0 0 219 877 6 27 221 1 163
Stevan Ridley NE RB $71 0/0 0 0 254 1107 8 8 60 0 160
Eli Manning NYG QB $71 340/550 3912 25 20 27 0 0 0 0 273
Danny Woodhead SD RB $70 0/0 0 0 102 385 1 67 534 5 157
Carson Palmer Ari QB $69 346/566 4191 23 19 23 0 0 0 0 267
Ryan Tannehill Mia QB $69 325/545 3672 23 42 209 1 0 0 0 267
Vincent Jackson TB WR $68 0/0 0 0 1 12 0 73 1235 8 209
Jimmy Graham NO TE $68 0/0 0 0 0 0 0 84 1115 13 231
Pierre Thomas NO RB $68 0/0 0 0 98 380 2 69 469 4 153
Joe Flacco Bal QB $66 329/554 3905 22 36 61 1 0 0 0 256
Josh McCown TB QB $65 246/415 3365 22 20 87 1 0 0 0 255
Larry Fitzgerald Ari WR $64 0/0 0 0 2 11 0 88 1057 8 198
Knowshon Moreno Mia RB $64 0/0 0 0 180 710 5 31 240 1 144
Alex Smith KC QB $64 304/503 3122 18 65 327 1 0 0 0 249
Pierre Garcon Wsh WR $63 0/0 0 0 2 19 0 96 1129 6 196
Keenan Allen SD WR $61 0/0 0 0 0 0 0 85 1045 8 193
Bishop Sankey Ten RB $61 0/0 0 0 186 745 5 26 191 1 138
Maurice Jones-Drew Oak RB $61 0/0 0 0 143 559 6 36 260 1 137
Darren Sproles Phi RB $59 0/0 0 0 40 176 1 73 598 3 133
DeAngelo Williams Car RB $59 0/0 0 0 206 814 3 23 210 1 133
Julian Edelman NE WR $58 0/0 0 0 4 34 0 96 935 7 184
Victor Cruz NYG WR $58 0/0 0 0 0 0 0 80 1042 7 184
Reggie Wayne Ind WR $57 0/0 0 0 0 0 0 90 1108 5 183
Fred Jackson Buf RB $57 0/0 0 0 127 563 4 36 286 1 128
Michael Crabtree SF WR $56 0/0 0 0 1 12 0 80 1043 6 181
Golden Tate Det WR $56 0/0 0 0 6 50 0 84 1041 5 181
Roddy White Atl WR $56 0/0 0 0 0 0 0 80 1004 7 180
DeSean Jackson Wsh WR $56 0/0 0 0 4 26 0 65 1031 7 180
Emmanuel Sanders Den WR $55 0/0 0 0 1 19 0 78 984 7 179
T.Y. Hilton Ind WR $55 0/0 0 0 4 26 0 74 1087 5 178
Julius Thomas Den TE $54 0/0 0 0 0 0 0 72 923 12 200
Cordarrelle Patterson Min WR $53 0/0 0 0 15 104 1 73 814 7 174
Kendall Wright Ten WR $53 0/0 0 0 1 8 0 91 1051 4 173
Torrey Smith Bal WR $53 0/0 0 0 2 12 0 61 1056 6 173
Geno Smith NYJ QB $52 195/324 2183 18 59 296 3 0 0 0 210
Michael Floyd Ari WR $52 0/0 0 0 0 0 0 70 1076 5 170
Mike Wallace Mia WR $51 0/0 0 0 4 31 0 76 986 5 169
EJ Manuel Buf QB $51 224/397 2558 14 87 304 3 0 0 0 208
Percy Harvin Sea WR $50 0/0 0 0 17 81 1 77 916 4 166
Marques Colston NO WR $47 0/0 0 0 0 0 0 73 907 6 161
Eric Decker NYJ WR $47 0/0 0 0 0 0 0 64 947 6 160
Sammy Watkins Buf WR $47 0/0 0 0 7 42 0 65 893 6 160
Johnny Manziel Cle QB $47 195/348 2366 12 70 351 5 0 0 0 193
Jeremy Maclin Phi WR $46 0/0 0 0 0 0 0 63 875 7 159
Terrance Williams Dal WR $46 0/0 0 0 4 19 0 57 928 6 157