Playoff Run

Its Thursday of week 12 of the 2018 BFFL season. Thanksgiving Day. With 3 games on the schedule today, a sneak peak of the this week’s matchups is on display. And with those matchups, 5 teams are fighting for 2 wild card spots…

BFFL East – Miller Thrillers clinched
BFFL South – GOAT Clinched
BFFL North – Gator Domination Clinched and Clinched #1 Seed

Wild Card
Hold Me Back has clinched a playoff spot, 5 other teams are still in contention. There is a pretty good chance of going to tiebreaker to get in. There is even a chance that a 5-7 team makes the playoffs.

Hold Me Back – Clinched a wild card spot, seeding still to be determined.
Cole Boys – with win Cole Boys Clinch a playoff spot. With loss by Bangers, Maulers, and Vicious; Cole Boys can clinch
No Romo – clinch with a win. With a lose, No Romo can clinch with a loss by Bangers, Maulers, Cole Boys, and Vicious
Crain Bangers – to clinch, Bangers have to win and either No Romo or Cole Boys have to lose.
Morris Maulers –  Maulers can clinch with a win and needs 2 loses between Cole Boys, No Romo, and Crain Bangers.
Vicious – Vicious can clinch with a win and 3 loses by Crain Bangers, Cole Boys, No Romo, and Morris Maulers.