Playoff Scenario and Week 10 Power Rankings

2 games to go and no divisions are clinched yet…. This has been the closest ranked season in the recent BFFL history. There are only 3 out of 12 teams with a losing record and 8 teams still in divisional contention. Gator Domination officially, mathematically clinched a playoff berth with his win over Hold Me Back this week. No one else is officially in the playoffs, but many control their own destiny.

BFFL East Miller Thrillers and Cole Boys control their own destiny. If either team wins out, that team takes the division crown. A lot will be at stake this up coming week when they face off against each other. Thrillers could clinch the division with a win this week. If Cole Boys wins this week, Cole Boys would need to win or a Thrillers loss in week 12 to clinch.

BFFL North Technically Domination, Hold Me Back, and No Romo are still in divisional contention. Domination only needs to win one of their final 2 games to clinch. If Domination loses their last two, either Hold Me Back or No Romo can win the division by winning out and scoring 300 points more than Domination over the last 2 games. A tough task, but mathematically still possible.

BFFL South Another 3 team race in the South. Led by GOAT by 1 game, they control their own destiny. GOAT wins out and they win the South. Bangers are a game back in the South, but if they win out, including the week 12 matchup against GOAT, then Bangers win the South. If Maulers wins out, they would need Bangers to lose one of their final 2 games or outscore Bangers by 100 points to capture their first Division Title. If Bangers and Maulers win out, they would both be 7-5 and 4-2 in the division. The tiebreaker would then go to points scored. Bangers has a 100 point advantage on Maulers through the first 10 games.

Wild-Card The wild card still has many scenarios to play out before we can really look at who is in and out. Currently No Romo, Hold Me Back and Cole Boys lead the way, but there is a lot that can change this week..

Week 10 Power Rankings

Not a lot changed this week. Miller Thrillers rose a spot with their win this week and Hold Me Back dropped a spot with their loss. No Romo jumped both Maulers and Vicious with this weeks games.

Season Long Power Rankings 

This is a fun chart to look at, it is the weekly rankings from the entire season, including preseason. Crazy to see how quickly Beatdown dropped from that Preseason number 2 spot, then stayed at the bottom. The other big surprise was Hold Me Back’s #9 preseason rankings, but has remained inside the top 5 since week 4. Tough to do in your inaugural year of the BFFL. Other than Beatdown, Hold Me Back and Houston Havic, all the other preseason projections were somewhat close.