Inglorious Assassins

Inglorius AssasinsThe Inglorious Assassins, formerly Alabama Outkast, are one of the original franchise teams of the BFFL. The Outkast have played under a couple of different names, including 2006: The Untouchables, 2007: 300, 2008-2009: Alabama Crimson Tide, 2010-2012: Alabama Outkast and 2013: Inglorious Assassins. Although they have changed names several times, the Assassins franchise has always been ran my the same ownership.

Although Outkast have had their up’s and down’s, they have always been competitive team. In their first 6 years, Outkast have made the playoffs 4 times. Despite finishing the 2006 and 2008 seasons in last place, they have only had two losing seasons and compiled 33 Wins in their first 6 seasons and are one of only 11 teams in BFFL history to win a playoff game.


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