Shhhh IGot This

Shhhh IGot This, formerly known as Auburn Tigers joined the BFFL in 2010. Shhh’s inaugural season was deemed to be a difficult one. Shhh finished their 2010 campaign with a 2-10 record, coming in last in the BFFL East Division.

With expansion and divisional realignment in 2011, Shhh got a fresh start. Shhh won the BFFL West Division in 2011, posting a 7-5  record. Shhh would go own and win their first playoff game in 2011, beating Alabama Outkast in the first round. Shhh came within one game of the BFFL Championship game with a second round loss to Bama Buc.

2012 was back to hard times for Shhh. Shhh’s owner, Felicia, whom was the first female team owner in the BFFL, took in a managing partner, co-owner, to help with day-to-day operations. Team name was changed from Auburn Tigers to Shhhh IGot This as well. It was downhill from that point. Shhh went on to post a 2-10 record which was tied for worst in the BFFL. Shhh owned the tiebreaker with a 1 game advantage over Vicious to finish 15th in the regular season.