Dragon Nite’s

The Dragon Nite’s entered the BFFL in 2006 as one of the charter members of the BFFL. Nite’s owner, Walter, took to the league with ambition to learn the wild world of fantasy sports and to broaden his knowledge of the NFL. From the first season’s draft, Walter definitely gained a learning experience.

Nite’s First season was complete with up’s and down’s but would ultimately be a successful one. Nite’s started hot but winning their first 5 games. Then followed the winning streak with a 4 game losing streak. Nite’s finished the regular season at 5-4, which gave Nite’s the 3rd seed in the playoffs. Nite’s ran the table in the playoffs and was crowned the first ever BFFL Champion.

Following the stellar end to a mediocre first season, Nite’s pushed the envelope in 2007 posting a 9-5 record and again got the #3 seed in the playoffs. Unfortunately Nite’s lost in the first round ending their 2007 season and chances for a repeat championship.

Over the following 3 seasons, 2008-2010, Nite’s had a bad run in the BFFL. Nite’s only won 5 games in the 3 year period, incuding going 0-12 in 2009. The 2009 season started with controversy for Dragon Nite’s. Nite’s became part of an investigation for possible purposeful flopping the 2009 season with phony draft participation. Nite’s draft class contained players of limited or non-existent fantasy productivity that led to the investigation that Nite’s deliberately flopped the draft. Nite’s never admitted to purposeful mockery of the league, but was suspended for the 2009 season and resulted in a 0-12 record. Results from the 2009 controversy led to the naming of the “Walter Rule” which is used to negate teams from possibly flopping a game or season due to deliberate negative actions toward their team or teams lineup. Dragon Nite’s did follow up their suspended year with a few wins in 2010, posting a 3-9 record and finishing 10th overall.

Following the 2009 suspension, Nites improved every year. Nite’s improved a game in 2011, winning 4 games with a 4-8 record. Then took it a step further in 2012, posting a 5-7 record and finished 2nd in the BFFL West Division. Nite’s went on to win a couple cames in the Consolation Bracket and finished 11th overall.

Dragon Nite’s, after much internal debate, folded prior to the 2013 season.