Green Machine

BFFL-greenMachineGreen Machine entered the BFFL in 2008. Machine has spent time in their first few years in the BFFL competing in 3 of the 4 divisions. Machine played their inaugural season, 2008, in the BFFL South. Machine finished that season just a game under .500, with a 5-6 record.

In 2009, Machine’s return season to the BFFL South wasn’t any better. Machine dropped to record to 4-8. Finishing last in the division.

2010 offered a new start for Machine by competing in the BFFL West division. But that was no easy adjustment. Machine dropped to a 3-9 record and finished last in the BFFL West.

2011 was another change of scenery for Green Machine. Machine went to compete in the new BFFL North division. Machine would be the oldest tenured team in the North division and that showed a little promise. Machine finished with an 6-6 record and missed the playoffs by only a single game.

In 2012 Machine followed up with near the same success. Machine finished up with another 6-6 record and again missed the playoffs by only 1 game.

2013 was bad for Green Machine. Machine dropped to a 1-11 record, posting the 2nd worst record in BFFL history, behind only the 2009 Dragon Nite’s, who went winless due to forfeiture of the season due to BFFL infractions.