Miami Magic

MiamiMagicThe Miami Magic entered the BFFL in great expansion on 2011. Magic joined the BFFL East and faced the uphill battle of competing in against established perennial winners. Including Bama Buc, whom just competed in the BFFL Championship game the prior year, Renegade Crusaders, whom had never had a losing season, and Alabama Outkast, who was one of the charter members of the BFFL. Through no easy task, Magic finished their inaugural season with a mark of 2-10 and bottom of the BFFL East. The remaining BFFL East teams combined for a 22-14 record.

Miami Magic bounced back in 2012 improving to 5-7 in their second year. Magic finished third in the BFFL East and rallied to finish 10th overall in the BFFL despite being preseason ranked #16.

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