Renegade Crusaders

Renegade Crusaders entered the BFFL in 2007. Crusaders were an instant powerhouse. Crusaders posted a league best record in their inaugural season going 11-3 and entering the post-season as the number 1 seed. Crusaders won their first round playoff game but came up short in the 2nd round, losing to 5th seed Gator Domination, who went on to win the BFFL Championship.

In 2008, Crusader won their first BFFL East title, again finishing with the best record in the league. Crusaders won their first round playoff game but again fell short in the BFFL Championship Game to #3 seed, Crain Bangers, 129-116

Crusaders missed the playoffs for the first time in 2009 posting a 6-6 record, but would bounce back in 2010 with a record of 8-4. Crusaders missed the BFFL East Division championship by a tiebreaker against Bama Bucs. Crusaders did manage to capture the lone playoff spot in 2010, but would lose out in the first round to Shaved Wood, who would go on to win the BFFL Championship.

in 2011, Crusaders had another stellar season with a 7-5 record. Although the good record, Crusaders missed the playoffs by losing the tiebreaker against BFFL East rival Alabama Outkast for a wild-card spot.

Crusaders have been one of the most consistant teams in BFFL history. Crusaders have never had a losing season and have won 41 games in their first 5 years and are in second place all-time in most playoff games played.

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  • macrain13 says:

    My favorite memory of Rene”gay”ed Crusaders is when they made it to the BFFL Championship in 2008. Then they got blasted by underdog Crain Bangers….. 129-116…