Shaved Wood

Shaved wood entered the BFFL in 2009 when the league expanded from 11 teams to 12 teams to even out the three divisions. BFFL-wood

Wood finished their inaugural season with a 7-5 record and finished 2nd in the BFFL South. Wood was tied with 2 other teams for the only wild card spot but lost the tiebreaker to Berry Newblitzers due to divisional record. Wood finished the 2009 season in 7th place.

The 2010 season brought much change in the BFFL and for Shaved Wood it was a good thing. The BFFL went to 13 teams and 2 of the teams from the BFFL West dissolved. So Shaved Wood joined Gator Domination in the West to fill holes in the division. Shaved Wood would tie Miller Thrillers for best record in the league at 9-3. Wood won their first division title by winning the BFFL West by 3 games. Shaved Wood took the number 1 seed in the 2010 playoffs and beat Renegade Crusaders 128-85 in the first round. Wood went on to beat Bama Bucs 122-98 for the 2012 BFFL Championship.

Another addition to the BFFL in 2011 landed Shaved Wood in a new division for the 3rd straight year. Wood would now be competing in the newly added BFFL North due to league expansion to its current format of 16 teams. Wood went on to have another stellar season, posting an 8-4 record. It would have been strong enough to win any other division, but the BFFL North was led by newcomer Plano Wildcats who finished 10-2 in their inaugural season and won the BFFL North and the 2011 BFFL Championship. Shaved Wood would get the top Wild Card spot but fell to Crain Bangers in the first round 176-134.

Through their first 3 seasons, Shaved Wood compiled a record of 24-12 and posted a 2-1 playoff record with a division title and a BFFL Championship. The 2012 season would however, be a turn of pace for Shaved Wood. Wood posted their first losing season, finishing 5-7 and last in the BFFL North and 12th overall in the BFFL.

2010 BFFL Champions
2010 BFFL West Division Title
Ranked 3rd All-Time Highest Winning Percentage, .604 (before 2013 season)
Tied Record for 2nd in Longest Winning Streak with 7, in 2011 and 2010