Crain Bangers

Crain Bangers is the first franchise of the BFFL. Bangers owner, Adam Crain, founded the BFFL in 2006 and added the Bangers, which went by the name Crain’s Crew as the first team in the BFFL. The franchise changed to their present name, Crain Bangers in 2007.

Bangers have been as consistant as any other team in the league, having only one losing season in their first 6 years and winning 4 of the last 5 BFFL South Division Championships. Crain Bangers are also the only team to win multiple BFFL Championships by going back-to-back in 2008-2009 going 19-5 over the two year stretch.

Bangers missed the playoffs in 2010, going 7-5 and fell 1 game back in the wild-card race to Renegade Crusaders. 2010 was also Bangers only year to not win the BFFL South Division.

Bangers would work there way back into the mix in 2011 by regaining control of the BFFL South Division with their 3rd South Division Title in 4 years and posting another 7-5 record. Bangers would win their first round playoff matchup against Shaved Wood, but fell less than 3 points short in the 2nd round to Plano Wildcats, 147-144.3, who went on to win the BFFL Championship.

Bangers entered the 2012 season as picked in preseason polls to win the BFFL South. And that was the least they were set to do. Bangers led the BFFL South much of the year but fell a game back to Multiple Scoregasam after the week 11 lost to thunderstruck. In the last week of the regular season, Bangers faced off against MS for a chance to win the BFFL South Title. Bangers won the game 127-117 and won their 4th South Division Title in 5 years by owning the tiebreaker over MS.  Bangers beat Bama Beatdown 134-76 in the 1st round of the playoffs, but fell to Gator Domination 130-105 in the semifinals. Bangers finished ranked 3rd in 2012.

2014 BFFL Champions
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2014 BFFL South Division Champion
2012 BFFL South Division Champion
2011 BFFL South Division Champion
2009 BFFL South Division Champion
2008 BFFL South Division Champion

Tied for Most Wins in a Season (11)
Longest Winning streak in BFFL (9)
Most Wins in BFFL History


2 Responses to Crain Bangers

  • macrain13 says:

    2012 Championship, here we come…

  • Adam says:

    The Crain Bangers regret to announce that after many years as a Banger, and the face of our franchise, Tom Brady has been traded to the Multiple Scoregasams. Tom will always be remembered by the Bangers organizations and fans for all the many accomplishments he has brought to the team, including two BFFL Championships and 4 BFFL South Division Titles. The ownership hates to see Mr. Brady leave, but at the end of the day, it is strictly about the business of the game. The entire Bangers organization wishes Mr. Brady luck in his future endeavors and will always be rooting for Tom to be successful each week in the NFL, except for maybe games against the Bangers.

    Tom Brady was the 1st overall pick in the BFFL Draft of 2008. 2008 was the first year of the BFFL being hosted by ESPN, as well as the first year of the current, Dynasty League, format which included the use of keepers. Crain Bangers decided to select Tom Brady as their first pick and to be the face of the organization for many years to come. The first game of the 2008 season, Brady suffered a torn ACL in the game. Bangers lost that game 102-37 to the Midfield Rebels. Even faced with the crippling blow of losing their 1st overall pick and face of the franchise, Bangers went own to win their first BFFL Championship that year.

    In 2009 Brady was back at the helm of the Bangers offense. Brady led the Bangers to a 11-1 record and a second straight BFFL Championship. Brady went own over the next few years to lead the Bangers to winning seasons and 4 BFFL South Division titles over a 6 year span as starting QB of the Bangers.