Miller Thrillers

BFFL-thriller12Miller Thrillers entered the BFFL in 2009. Thrillers were a success right away tied with the best record in the BFFL at 9-3. In their inaugural year, Thrillers were able to sweep defending back-to-back BFFL champions, Crain Bangers, to become the BFFL South Division Champs. Thillers would go on to lose their 1st round playoff game against the Bama Bucs who went on to win the BFFL Championship.

Thillers followed up their inaugural campaign with a 6-6 record to finish in 2nd place in the BFFL South.

In 2011, Thrillers repeated their 2010 performance with another 6-6 record, Again finishing 2nd in the BFFL South. Thrillers did go on to win the Consolation Bracket against Renegade Crusaders.

Thrillers struggled in 2012, taking a slide in production to a 4-8 record, finishing last and 5 games back in the BFFL South and the 3rd worst record in the BFFL. Thrillers entered the Consolation Bracket as the 13th seed. Thrillers rallied in the Consolation Bracket and tied Renegade Crusaders as the Consolation Bracket winners, with Thrillers owning the tiebracker.

In 2013, Thrillers had the #1 overall draft pick due to winning the 2012 Consolation Bracket. Thrillers used that pick to draft Drew Brees. Thrillers compiled an impressive draft class and gained some strength through trades to build arguably one of the strongest teams in BFFL history. Thrillers went on to an 11-1 record, winning their 2nd BFFL South Division Title. Thrillers posted a remarkable 2268 points over the 12 games of the regular season, breaking the previous BFFL record of 2160, posting in 2007 by Renegade Crusaders.Thrillers also tied the BFFL record for most wins in a season, joining the 2013 Gator Domination, 2009 Crain Bangers and the 2008 Renegade Crusaders. Thrillers took their number 1 seed into the playoffs with little competition. Thriller faced #5 seed, Vicious in the semi-finals. Thrillers destroyed Vicious 233-106, making way to their franchise first trip to the BFFL Championship Game. Thrillers faced #6 seed Bama Beatdown. Both teams were making their first appearance in the BFFL Championship Game. Thrillers would come out on top, beating Beatdown 208-159 to win the franchise first BFFL Championship.

2013 BFFL Champions
2013 BFFL South Division Title
2010 BFFL South Division Title