Eatons Idiots

Multiple Scoregasams, formaly known as Eatons Idiots, was one of the 6 original teams in the BFFL in 2006. The Then Eaton’s Idiots, started out 3-6 and missed the BFFL Inaugural Playoffs.

Eatons’ Idiots came back in 2007 with another tough year. Getting a little better, their 6-8 record caused Idiots to miss the playoffs again.

Idiots missed the 2008 and 2009 seasons, but came back to the BFFL in 2010. In 2010, Idiots would have their first winning season going 7-5, but missed the playoffs due to a tough BFFL South Division.

Idiots fell again in 2011, dropping a couple of tough division games, and finishing with a 5-7 record.

The Eaton Idiots changed their name to Multiple Scoregasam  prior to the 2012 season. The new name and new look propelled MS to do new things in 2012. And a couple things started going their way. MS had picked up an injured Peyton Manning in 2011 with hopes he would return one day. Well after missing the entire season and moving to a new team, Manning was back in action. MS also made another gusty move, trading away Matt Ryan to Crain Bangers for Adrian Peterson. Peterson was coming off of ACL surgery and wasn’t sure how he would respond. Well things lined up for MS, MS led the BFFL South for much of the division. MS faced Bangers in week 12 with a 1 game lead before the end of the season. Neither team had clinched a playoff birth yet. MS lost the game 127-117 and lost the BFFL South Title due to Bangers owning the tiebreaker. MS finished the regular season 8-4 and would get the 1st wild card spot and enter the 2012 playoffs as the number 5 seed. In the playoffs, MS faced division champs in the first two rounds. Beating Outkast in the 1st and Predators in the 2nd round. Then MS matchup up against West Division Champ, Gator Domination for the 2012 BFFL Championship. MS and Domination tied the game 88.5-88.5. But the the controversial tiebreaker rule went into affect and Multiple Scoregasam won their first BFFL Championship.

2012 BFFL Champions


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