No Romo

No Romo entered the BFFL in 2015. No Romo competed in the tough BFFL South Division but would take advantage of their inaugural draft and compete to a division title in their first year. Finishing 2015 with a 6-6 record and South Division Title, No Romo would knock off Inglorious Assassins in the first round of the playoffs, then go on to lose to Gator Domination in the second Round.

In 2016, No Romo followed up an impressive inaugural season with a 4-8 record and last in the BFFL South.

In 2017, No Romo showed their grit and return to power, taking the BFFL South Title run all the way to week 12. No Romo would eventually finish 2nd in the South to Crain Bangers, although finishing with a 7-5 record and earning a Wild Card bid into the BFFL Playoffs. No Romo took an early exit in the playoff, losing to Killswith Engage in the 1st round.