Week 1 Rankings

Like always, the preseason polls do not always prove to be accurate. And honestly, the polls from the first couple of weeks do not display enough sample size to process a true trend to rank Strength of Roster, Playoff Odds, ect..

For the sake of entertainment though, these rankings are fun to watch and fun to process. Even more fun for shit talking..

Preseason Rankings:
1. Miller Thrillers
2. Bama Beatdown
4. Gator Domination
5. Crain Bangers
6. Houston Havoc
7. No Romo
8. Vicious
9. Hold Me Back
10. Morris Maulers
11. Varsity Blues
12. Cole Boys

The preseason rankings take many things into consideration: all of the owner preseason ranking submissions, FantasyPro’s League Analyzer, and FantasyGuru’s League Analytics Spreadsheet. From there, every week’s data from ESPN’s league page and FantasyPro’s League Analyzer is entered into the Analytics Spreadsheet and outputs the data for the new rankings. No personal data is entered after the preseason rankings.

Here is Week 1 Rankings:


Wow, what a difference a week makes….

Notably, how far returning BFFL Champion Bama Beatdown fell. From Preseason ranked #2 to week 1 ranked #9. In Week 1, scoring 155 points, Beatdown ranks in at #5 in points per game and currently projects to have a 7-4 season would have thought to keep Beatdown higher in the rankings. But after the week 1 lose, trade to send Rivers/Allen away, and the uncertainty of number 1 overall pick Le’Veon Bell, Beatdowns Playoff Odds dropped to league worst, 22%. Not to mention Rest Of Season Roster ranks dead last. Beatdown is gonna need some additional moves and some luck to dig out of this hole.

Miller Thrillers are primed for another successful year. Kicking the season off 1-0 behind the top preseason rankings and a league-best 192 points. A 74% chance to make the playoffs, Thrillers have arguably the easiest schedule in the league, is predicted to go undefeated. With a ROS Roster ranking of #8, Thriller will lean heavily on matchups to look for another division championship