Week 12 and the Playoff Picture is taking Shape

Its been another controversial year, but that is what we have come to know as the BFFL. A lot of drama and a lot of excitement. Nothing seems to surprise me anymore.

Who is In: Miller Thrillers, Cole Boys, and Crain Bangers are in. Thrillers clinched the BFFL North in week 10, Boys clinched the West and Bangers clinched the South in week 11. That leaves 3 playoff spots left.

Who is Out: Mathematically the following teams are out of of the playoffs: Magic, Beatdown, Romo, Blues, Bucs, Ballerz, and Domination.

Who is still in the fight: The BFFL East is still up for grabs. It basically comes down to the week 12 Shaved Wood vs Inglorious Assassins game. Winner wins the division and is in and loser is most likely eliminated. That leaves 4 more teams with a wildcard bid. Gronky Kong and Matty Ice Ice Baby hold their own destiny. If they win this week, they will be the Wild Card spots. After that is gets tricky. It will come down to tiebreakers. If Gronky and Matty Ice lose and Vipers and Vicious win, then there is a 4-way tie for 2 playoff spots. with more than 2 teams tied, the tie breaker goes to division record, points for and points against. Vipers would have the upper hand with division record, then Gronky and Vicious would be tied with division record for the other spot. Gronky and Vicious didnt play in the regular season, so it would go to points for. Gronky has about an 70 point lead in points for.

Consolation Bracket: All of the remaining teams, except the bottom two, will compete in the coveted Consolation Bracket for a shot at the Top Pick of the 2017 BFFL Draft.  Magic and Domination are currently the bottom two teams. Magic is already eliminated from the Consolation Bracket due to record. With a Domination win this week, would bump domination back into the Consolation. Then would come down to Beatdown, Romo and Blue Ballerz. With a domination win, Ballerz would need Romo to lose to stay in. With a lose by Romo, they would be out.

I may have missed something, but it will interesting. That why we play the game…

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