Week 9 Power Rankings

After 2 weeks of the Power Rankings show, presented by Giuseppe’s Cafe (via YouTube), we bring the Power Rankings back to the website.

The Week 9 Power Rankings brings the conclusion of trading period into the final stretch of the season. Divisional series start back up this week with each division still up for grabs. In the East, Thrillers are up a game on Cole Boys. South, Maulers and GOAT share the lead and are only a game up on Crain Bangers. North, Gator Domination are up a game on Hold Me Back with Vicious only another game back. Still a lot can happen. For the Wild Card standings, Hold Be Back are 2 games ahead. Vicious and GOAT lead the remainder of the Wild Card pictures due to Tie Breaker with No Romo.

Only a couple moves were made at the deadline and only one involving a pick. Gator Domination sent Golladay and a 2019 5th round pick to Bama Beatdown for Mike Evans. This trade gives Domination a solid Flex and gives Beatdown depth at WR for the Consolation Bracket and a premier pick to start the 2019 season. The other deadline trade, Crain Bangers sent Baker Mayfield, Josh Gordan, and Aaron Jones to Beatdown for Carson Wentz. This deal upgrades Bangers QB bye-week issues during divisional play and adds depth to Beatdown for Consolation Bracket. I think all 3 teams won at the deadline.

Now to Power Rankings. Not much have changed this week. Top 2 are still Gator Domination and GOAT. Hold Me Back jumps to the 3rd spot after the 108 whooping they did on Beatdown. Thrillers drops a spot to give way for Hold Me Back. Despite the 1 point victory in week 8 over (then) East Division frontrunner Cole Boys, No Romo drops 2 spots to number 8, while Maulers jumps two spots to number 6 following their 30 point victory over Domination.

A lot will change this week, just hold on and enjoy the ride.