Last Week of the Season, 4 Playoff Spots Left

It is the final regular season week. Week 12. This week is consist of divisional play of teams that finished the 2014 season as the top two teams in their respective division. Again in 2015, there is a lot still riding on this week…

Two teams have already clinched their division championship, Miller Thrillers and Shaved Wood. They are playing for seeding this week and to knock their opponent out of Wild Card contention.

So that leaves 4 more playoff spots. Lets start with the BFFL West. The lead is tied between Gator Domination and Blue Ballerz. Both teams are 8-3 with 4-1 divisional records. Winner wins the division and the loser has a chance for Wild Card. If Ballerz lose, they will need help for the wild card spot. If Domination loses, they still hold the tiebreaker and will clinch a Wild Card birth.

Now we are down to 3 playoff spots left. The only other divisional race is in the BFFL South. Three teams are tied for the lead. Crain Bangers, No Romo, and Ice Vipers are all tied with an unimpressive 4-7 record. Bangers currently own the ties breaker with 4-1 division record. No Romo play the voided Pittsburgh Predators, so No Romo have clinched a divisional Win. So the division crown lies on the Bangers/Vipers matchup. If the Bangers win, they take the Division Crown. If Vipers win, No Romo takes the Division Crown due to tiebreaker with No Romo’s week 11 win over Vipers. None of the South teams are eligible for a Wild Card spot.

Now we are down to to the two Wild Card spots. There is a lot that can happen to determine the final two spots. It is potentially a four-team race between Vicious, Inglorius Assassins, Bama Beatdown, and the loser of Gator Domination and Blue Ballerz:
Gator Domination – If Domination lose week 12 Ballerz, Domination will have the tiebreaker due to higher “points for” than the rest of the field, so they will clinch one of the playoff spots.
Inglorious Assassins –  are in control of their own destiny and they play the weaker opponent of the five teams. Assassins are riding a, BFFL best, 6-game winning streak and play the 4-7 Varsity Blues. An Assassins win and they clinch the final Wild Card spot. An Assassins loss and they are not out of the picture, but would need some help. They would need Vicious, Beatdown to both lose.
Vicious – still have a good chance of taking the final Wild Card spot. If Vicious wins and Ballerz or Assassins lose, then Vicious takes the Wild Card. If Assassins and Ballerz win, Vicious can still take the Wild Card. Vicious and Assassins are tied with a 7-4 record and are both 3-2 in the BFFL East. Vicious and Assassin split their seasonal matchup against each other. Assassins hold the tiebreaker with a team “points for” advantage of 1673.6 to Vicious’ 1654.7. So if both Vicious and Assassins win, Vicious could take the wild card by outscoring Assassins by 18.9 points in their week 12 game. Vicious has averaged 141.8 over the last 3 games, a mere 3 points better than Assassins 3-week average of 138.8. If Ballerz lose to Domination, Vicious would hold the tiebreaker over Ballerz due to “PF” so, Assassins and Vicious would get the two wild card spots.
Blue Ballerz – a week 12 win over Domination is Ballerz easiest path to the playoffs, but a loss, doesnt take them out of contention, but they would need help. If Ballerz lose, they need either Assassins or Vicious to lose. If Vicious loses, Ballerz gain the 5th seed and Assassins take the 6th seed due to Ballerz win over Assassins during their week 5 matchup. If both Vicious and Assassins win, there would be a three-way tie. Tiebreaker would go to “PF”, Ballerz is currently behind Vicious by 49.1 points and behind Assassins by 68 points. Ballerz would have to outscore them by that many points this week to take the Wild Card seed.
Bama Beatdown – are not mathematically out, but they have an extremely tough task to take the final Wild Card spot. With Beatdowns 6-5 record, 3-2 in the BFFL North, they need Domination, Vicious and Assassins to lose this week. Domination would take the first Wild Card spot.  That would leave Beatdown, Vicious and Assassins in a 3-way tie for the final wild card spot. Now the real tough part. Due to tiebreaker, Beatdown would have to outscore both teams in the “Points For” category. Beatdown currently have 1542.7 points scored on the year. Beatdown would have to outscored Vicious by 112 points and outscore Assassins by 130.9 points in this week’s games. Not impossible, but very improbable.

It will be an interesting Sunday, can’t wait to enjoy the action.

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  • Adam says:

    My prediction of the Playoff Picture.

    #1 Seed: Miller Thrillers. Thrillers will win this week and Shaved Wood will lose, giving Thrillers the top seed. Rightfully so, I rank Miller Thrillers as the top team in the league.

    #2 Seed: Gator Domination. Domination beats Ballerz this week due to Ballerz tough matchup with their QB’s. Domination win the West and takes the number 2 seed.

    #3 Seed: Shaved Wood. Wood clinched the East with their week 11 win, but will drop to the 3 seed after they lose to Vicious in week 12.

    #4 Seed: No Romo. Although No Romo enter the playoffs riding a 5-7 record, they win the South due to Bangers losing to Vipers in week 12. By default, division champs get the top 4 seeds.

    #5 Seed. Inglorious Assassins. Assassin win easily in Week 12 to go 8-4. Vicious will beat Shaved Wood, but not outscore Assassins by enough points to overcome the tiebreaker.

    #6 Seed. Vicious. Vicious beat Wood this week, but not by enough to overcome Assassins but will have more “PF” than Ballerz to maintain the final Wild Card spot.

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